What makes an exceptional employee?

What makes an exceptional employee?

Exceptional employees are accountable. They own their work, their decisions, and all of their results—good or bad. They bring their mistakes to management’s attention rather than hoping no one will find out. They understand that managers aren’t out to assign blame; they’re out to get things done.

How can I be extraordinary at work?

If you want to be valued as an extraordinary employee and be first on the list for promotions, you must posses these seven qualities.Punctuality. The very best employees will do everything in their power to be at work on time. Self-Starting. Natural Leadership. Alertness. Loyalty. Personality. Street Smart.

What are exceptional qualities?

Exceptional people live with a sense of inner elegance and are graceful even amidst a challenge. They are able to handle themselves in a noble and ethical manner. They hold good posture, their energy has a mystery, softness, strength and cleverness to it.