What level is OCR additional maths?

What level is OCR additional maths?

OCR Level 3
Why choose OCR Level 3 FSMQ: Additional Maths? OCR’s FSMQ: Additional Maths targets learners who will take GCSE (9–1) Higher tier Mathematics.

What does M1 mean in OCR?

Mark for a correct feature on a graph. M1 dep* Method mark dependent on a previous mark, indicated by * cao. Correct answer only.

What level is OCR FSMQ?

Level 3 FSMQ
Studying Level 3 FSMQ: Additional Maths at home.

What is additional maths equivalent to?

Additional Mathematics is a qualification in mathematics, commonly taken by students in high-school (or GCSE exam takers in United Kingdom). It is applied to a range of problems set out in a different format and wider content to the standard Mathematics at the same level.

What is the difference between further maths and additional maths?

Further mathematics is like an add-on to the main maths A-level. You won’t be able to take further maths unless you are also taking maths, or have already got a maths A-level. Further maths is very useful if you want to study maths at university, but it usually isn’t required.

What is an OCR Level 2 qualification equivalent to?

What is this qualification worth? There are OCR Project Qualifications at Level 1 and 2. These are equivalent to a short course GCSE. Foundation (Level 1) is equivalent to grades D-G short course GCSE and Higher (Level 2) A*-C short course GCSE.

Is additional maths an AS?

Care has been taken to ensure that Additional Maths is not an acceleration course covering the first part of the AS Maths course. Instead Additional Maths provides a Level 3 enrichment of GCSE (9–1) Mathematics, whilst at the same time providing a taster of A Level Maths and Further Maths.

Is additional maths harder than a level?

The content of A-Level Further Maths is much, much harder than that of A-Level Maths. A-Level Further Maths is also used for different things compared to A-Level Maths. It’s useful if you want to go into university and study a maths undergraduate degree, or other difficult degrees.

What is the purpose of additional mathematics?

Enhance conceptual understanding through the use of different mathematical tools. Make connections between topics and methods. Reason and communicate using mathematics as a language. Apply mathematics concepts and knowledge to real-world and related discipline problems.