What kind of character does Gong Hyo-jin play?

What kind of character does Gong Hyo-jin play?

Gong played a high school teacher who meets her childhood sweetheart again, now a gigolo and single dad with a sick daughter. Known for being the acting debut of pop singer Rain, the drama did well in the ratings, and Gong won several awards at the KBS Drama Awards. In 2004 to 2005, Gong entered a career slump.

When did Gong Hyo-jin star in Snowman?

The 2003 series Snowman paired Gong with Cho Jae-hyun and Kim Rae-won, in a controversial plot about a girl who falls in love with her older brother-in-law. She then returned to more mainstream fare in Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School, helmed by TV director Lee Hyung-min, whom she had previously worked with in a Drama City episode.

Where was Gong Hyo-jin born and raised?

Early life. Gong Hyo-jin was born in 1980 in Sinwol-dong, Gangseo District, Seoul, South Korea. When she was a junior in high school, she moved to Australia with her mother and younger brother, while her father remained in Korea to support the family.

When did Gong Hyo-jin and Jo in-sung break up?

The drama aired in 2014. Gong Hyo-jin broke up with her previous boyfriend, Lee Jin-wook, around September 2014, and Jo In-sung broke up with her ex-girlfriend Kim Min-hee, almost in the same month. Their news appeared close to each other. Dispatch, known as a famous media in Korea, released their photo together in a café near Itaewon.

When did Gong Hyo-jin move back to Korea?

Kong has spoken fondly of her memories of her time there, and in 2011 she was designated as one of the goodwill ambassadors for “Year of Friendship,” the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations between Australia and South Korea. After three years in Australia, the Kong family moved back to Korea in 1997 due to the IMF crisis .

When did Gong Hyo jin publish her book?

In 2010 Gong published a collection of essays on the environment titled Gong Hyo-jin’s Notebook (Korean: 공책; RR: Gong Chek, which is a play on her surname and the Korean word for “notebook”). In it, Gong gives a look inside her personal lifestyle habits and offers practical and simple tips.