What is USDA OCIO?

What is USDA OCIO?

Client Technology Services, under the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), provides enterprise level, comprehensive, fee-for-service information technology, associated operations, security, and technical support services to all USDA end users.

What agencies are under USDA?


  • Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)
  • Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
  • Economic Research Service (ERS)
  • Farm Service Agency (FSA)
  • Food and Nutrition Service (FNS)
  • Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)
  • Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)

Who is Gary Washington?

Gary Washington is the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Chief Information Officer (CIO). He has also served as the CIO for the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

What department is CIO?

A chief information officer (CIO) is the company executive responsible for the management, implementation, and usability of information and computer technologies. Because technology is increasing and reshaping industries globally, the role of the CIO has increased in popularity and importance.

Which USDA strategic goal does farmers Gov directly support?

USDA works to strengthen the economic viability of the agricultural sector by providing eligible producers with income support payments, disaster assistance, marketing assistance loans, farm loans, and risk management tools through its extensive network of offices covering most rural counties.

What does Ocio stand for?

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer
Everyone agrees that “OCIO” stands for Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, but defining the term can be a challenge.

What is the #1 strategic goal of the USDA from FY 2018 2022?

Strategic Goal 1: Ensure USDA Programs are Delivered Efficiently, Effectively, and with Integrity and a Focus on Customer Service. Improve Stewardship of Resources and Utilize Data-Driven Analyses to Objective 1.4 Maximize the Return on Investment. Strategic Goal 4: Facilitate rural prosperity and economic development.

Who is farmer in India?

Definition of farmer Indian farmers are people who grow crops.Various government estimates (Census, Agricultural Census, National Sample Survey assessments, and Periodic Labour Force Surveys) give a different number of farmers in the country ranging from 37 million to 118 million as per the different definitions.

What is the OCIO strategic plan for USDA?

The OCIO is proud to present the USDA Information Technology Strategic Plan for FY2019-2022. The plan outlines strategic goals and initiatives to move the Department forward with modernization and increased IT performance and greater efficiencies. Click the image to view.a list of OCIO’s current vacancy announcements.

Who is the Chief Information Officer for the US Department of Agriculture?

Tim McCrosson is the Associate Chief Information Officer (ACIO) for the Client Experience Center (CEC). Venice M. Goodwine serves as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the US Department of Agriculture.

Who are the clients of the USDA CEC?

We work for USDA agencies using CEC services to deliver billions of dollars of programs, services, and financial transactions to millions of farmers, ranchers, and citizens of rural America. Other customers include Departmental offices that support USDA operations. Our products and services cover: Contact us if you have any questions.

Where can I find a list of USDA directives?

The system can be accessed by selecting directly from the list below or by conducting a search via the USDA Search Engine, linked from the top of this page.. All documents listed below do not create or modify existing Departmental Directives..