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What is the summary of the poem the village schoolmaster?

What is the summary of the poem the village schoolmaster?

Written by Oliver Goldsmith, the poem describes a schoolmaster and his great qualities. It conveys the poet’s respect and admiration for his erstwhile educator.

How does the poet in the deserted village personally emphasize the loss of the village?

Why does the poet take the loss of The Deserted Village personally? (He realizes that Poetry is dead., He, too, has lost much in the Restoration. He regrets his inability to feel real emotion. He had planned to retire and die there.)

What is the name of the village mention in the poem?

It was said at the time of publication that Johnson had made extensive changes to the poem, but Boswell responded by saying that “the aid given by Johnson to the poem, as to The Traveller and Deserted Village of Goldsmith, were so small as by no means to impair the distinguished merit of the author.”

What type of poem is the village schoolmaster?

The poem’s structure is in rhyming pentameter couplets, a form featured prominently in the eighteenth century’s heroic poems.

Why did the villagers respect the schoolmaster?

The villagers respected the schoolmaster because of the extent of knowledge he had. They admired him for his ability to write, decode, measure lands, terms, tides. They were amazed at his debating skill and admired his ability to carry on debating even after he was defeated in an argument.

What kind of a person was the village schoolmaster?

Answer: Explanation: The Village School master was a man who could easily be identified as an “old stone face”, or a man with a strong gaze and expression that inspired the respect and seriousness in students.

What is the theme of the poem village song?

The theme of the poem is the comparison between the world of human beings that abounds in material pleasure and the world of nature that is contrary to it. The mother represents the material world.

What did the village girl carry to fetch Class 12?

Ans : The Village girl carrying pitchers of Yamuna water on her head, has to trek along a solitary stretch of land amidst thickening darkness . She is afraid of grousing darkness. So she regrets lingering by the river to hear the mesmerising song of the boatman. Q.