What is the song for a friend about?

What is the song for a friend about?

“For a Friend” is a single from the British pop duo The Communards taken from their 1987 album Red. The song is an emotional ballad and was written in the memory of Mark Ashton, a friend of Jimmy Somerville and Richard Coles.

What is a good song to tell someone you love them?

It’s safe to say anyone would love to be the muse behind an affectionate love song….44 Songs Perfect For Falling in Love.

1 Not a Bad Thing Justin Timberlake 4:26
2 Just the Way You Are Bruno Mars 3:40
3 Little Things One Direction 3:39
4 Crazy In Love (feat. Jay-Z) Beyoncé, JAY-Z 3:56
5 Adore You Miley Cyrus 4:38

What are some good country songs about friendship?

Find Out Who Your Friends Are. True friends are there when you need them.

  • Wind Beneath My Wings. This old and timeless classic still lives on in the lives of many people.
  • Laughed Until We Cried.
  • My Wish.
  • I’m Only Me When I’m With You.
  • My Old Friend.
  • Me and My Gang.
  • Young.
  • You Have A Friend In Me.
  • I Hope You Dance.
  • What are some good songs about friendship?

    Lean On Me

  • With a Little Help From My Friends
  • Stand by Me
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me
  • I’ll Stand By You
  • See You Again
  • Wannabe
  • You’re My Best Friend
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  • Wind Beneath My Wings
  • What are some feel good country songs?

    Life’s A Dance – John Michael Montgomery

  • It’s A Great Day To Be Alive – Travis Tritt This is a great song.
  • Last Dollar (Fly Away) – Tim McGraw It’s almost like Tim McGraw cheated when he released this song.
  • Check Yes Or No – George Strait Few songs have the power to make you smile from the first note.
  • Do you know any songs that describe friendship?

    “Lean on Me” – Bill Withers (1972)

  • “You’re My Best Friend” – Queen (1976)
  • “Tongue Tied” – Grouplove (2011)
  • “Umbrella” – Rihanna (2007)