What is the saddest anime music ever?

What is the saddest anime music ever?

Sad Anime Songs

  • Sadness And Sorrow (From “Naruto”)Music Legends.
  • Despair (From “Naruto”)Music Legends.
  • Loneliness (From “Naruto”)Music Legends.
  • Sad Main Theme (From “Fairy Tail”)Music Legends.
  • Lilium (Music Box Version) [From “Elfen Lied”]Music Legends.
  • Brothers (From “Fullmetal Alchemist”)Music Legends.

What are the saddest anime openings?

15 Anime OPs/EDs that make me cry

  • Anohana OP: “Aoi Shiori” by Galileo Galiei.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn OP 4: “88” by L.M.C.
  • Nagi no Asukara OP 2: “ebb and flow” by Ray.
  • Fairy Tail OP 14: “Yakusoku no Hi” by Chihiro Yonekura.
  • Durarara OP 2: “Complication” by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D.
  • FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood OP 5: “Rain” by SID.

Is Naruto OST good?

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden have some of the best music of any anime, period. Composed by Toshio Masuda and Yasuharu Takanashi, not many anime series have music as emotional and fitting and consistently good as what we got in both halves of Naruto.

Which anime has best soundtrack?

This entry is by no means surprising because Cowboy Bebop has, without a doubt, the best music in anime. While it does have phenomenal stories and timeless messages, the music in Cowboy Bebop elevates it from great to legendary. In a way, Cowboy Bebop IS its music.

Is it OK to cry at anime?

No matter how you choose to cry out the anime blues, the most important part of this step is to not hold it in. Holding back tears could risk the anime feels attacking later when you least expect it and/or at an extremely inopportune moment.

Which anime has the saddest ending?


  • 2 CLANNAD.
  • Which Naruto is best?

    For the fans who love higher stakes and a gritty story, Naruto Shippuden is clearly the way to go. Masashi Kishimoto made sure to raise the stakes by quite a lot during the second part of the story.

    Is Naruto a music?

    Naruto has some of the best music in anime, and its theme songs are often easy to recognize with a single note. For years now, fans of the hit series have worked hard to curate playlists based on the anime, and it seems like that is about to become a much easier task.

    Which anime has best fights?

    The 12 Best Fighting Anime (Updated 2021)

    • Premium pick. Hunter x Hunter. See On Amazon.
    • One-Punch Man. See On Amazon. Genre Action, Comedy, Superhero.
    • Editors choice. Bleach. See On Amazon.
    • Naruto: Shippūden. See On Amazon. Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts.
    • Best value. My Hero Academia. See On Amazon.

    Which is the best anime for singing music?

    Well, let me show you my best top 10 music anime to recommend you! 1 10: Aikatsu! Series (アイカツ!) 5 6: Wake Up, Girls! Series 9 2: Love live! School idol project Series (ラブライブ! ) 10: Aikatsu! Series (アイカツ!) Aikatsu! is an idol group anime and the target of the people are young girls. This anime got popular with a trading arcade card game.

    Which is the best sad anime song ever?

    Hontou no Oto is might just be the best sad anime song ever. Another perfect OST from Ghibli studio and the fantastic Joe Hisaishi. You probably have seen this anime on many Top Anime Lists and for a good reason. And its music is just as joyful and comforting as the anime itself.

    What’s the best anime that makes you cry?

    15 Heartbreaking Anime That Will Make You Cry. 1 15 Plastic Memories. Plastic Memories is one of those shows that gives you a bracing dose of reality and the fact that nothing lasts forever. The 2 14 Violet Evergarden. 3 13 Chrono Crusade. 4 12 True Tears. 5 11 Elfen Lied.

    Which is the most heartbreaking anime of all time?

    Grave of the Fireflies is one of the most heartbreaking movies you’ll ever see. Set in the final days of World War II, the film tells the story of a boy named Seita and his younger sister Setsuko, whose lives have been devastated by the cruel and brutal war that’s left them without their parents and their home.