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What is the MI Choice Waiver Program?

What is the MI Choice Waiver Program?

One program run by Michigan Medicaid is the MI Choice Waiver Program. Through MI Choice, eligible adults who meet income and asset criteria can receive Medicaid-covered services like those provided by nursing homes but can stay in their own home or another residential setting.

How do I get a Medicaid waiver in Michigan?

To get services in Michigan, contact the Michigan Department of Community Health Information Desk: 517-373-3740. You may also contact Charlyss Ray DD Specialist/ Habilitation Supports Waiver at (517) 373-3678 OR Deb Ziegler Habilitation Supports Waiver Program Manager at (517) 241-3044.

What is Waiver Provider?

Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers allow states that participate in Medicaid, known as Medi-Cal in California, to develop creative alternatives for individuals who would otherwise require care in a nursing facility or hospital. Recipients of HCBS Waivers must have full-scope Medi-Cal eligibility.

What is a work waiver for unemployment in Michigan?

Temporary Layoff – Short-Term Waiver If you are laid off and expect to return to work within 15 days of your layoff date, you can apply for a work search waiver at the time you file your claim. If approved, your Monetary Determination will state that you have been waived from the work search requirement.

What is the HAB waiver in Michigan?

The State of Michigan runs the Habilitation Supports Waiver (HSW) for people with developmental disabilities. Individuals on the waiver can receive Medicaid covered, home and community based supports to live in their communities.

What does Medicaid waiver program cover?

Medicaid waivers help pay for standard medical and non-medical care, including personal care services, respite care, and adult daycare. People who do not qualify for a Medicaid waiver program may still be eligible for help from resources such as the PACE or SSI.

What does a Cadi waiver pay for?

The Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI) Waiver provides funding for home and community-based services for children and adults, who would otherwise require the level of care provided in a nursing facility.

Whats the difference between Medicaid and Medicaid waiver?

Medicaid, in all states, pays for care for individuals that reside in nursing homes; this is often referred to as Long Term Care Medicaid, LTC Medicaid, or Institutional Medicaid. Waivers are state specific Medicaid programs that allow for services to be provided outside of nursing homes.

How does the waiver program work?

A waiver program allows the state to waive some requirements to meet the needs of individuals. For example, a waiver may help a person with an increased likelihood of requiring long-term care, such as those with behavioral issues or technologically dependent children.

Who qualifies for a work search waiver in Michigan?

Temporary Layoff – Short-Term Waiver – If an employee is laid off and expects to return to work within 15 days of their layoff date, they can apply for a work search waiver when they file their claim. If approved, the Monetary Determination will state that they have been waived from the work search requirement.

How many job searches are required for unemployment in Michigan?

What is Required for a Work Search? Beginning May 30, 2021, claimants receiving unemployment benefits will be required to actively search for work and report at least one work search activity for each week they claim benefits.

What are Medicaid Waiver programs?

The Medicaid waiver program is a state-level program that helps pay for health-care services for people who have developmental disabilities. It gives states the freedom to “waive” some of the federal requirements that people need to fulfill in order to be eligible for Medicaid.

What is a Michigan Medicaid waiver?

MI Choice is a Michigan Medicaid Waiver program, formerly referred to as the Home and Community Based Services for the Elderly and Disabled (HCBS/ED) program. This waiver is intended for seniors and disabled individuals who require a level of care consistent with that which is provided in a nursing home,…

What is an aging waiver program?

Aging Waiver Program. The Aging Waiver Program is an alternative option for a person to receive services in their home rather than going to a nursing facility. Services are based on the consumer’s needs as well as financial and medical eligibility requirements. “The service coordinators work closely with the consumer and family members…

How do you apply for a Medicaid waiver?

In order to obtain a Medicaid waiver you will need determine if you meet certain guidelines, specifically medical and financial guidelines. You must visit your state Medicaid office to obtain a waiver application. Additionally, you can call and request a form be sent to you or you can also download the form online.