What is the meaning of MLC case?

What is the meaning of MLC case?

MEDICO-LEGAL CASE {MLC} a. Definition of Medico-legal Case. Cases wherever attending doctor after taking history and clinical examination of the patient thinks that some investigation by law enforcing agencies are essential so as to fix the responsibility regarding the case in accordance with the law of land.

What is the meaning of MLC in politics?

A legislative council is the legislature, or one of the legislative chambers, of a nation, colony, or subnational division such as a province or state. A member of a legislative council is commonly referred to as an MLC.

What is the meaning of non MLC?

Patient admitted as non-MLC; suspicion raised by relatives after death – Such cases keep occurring in hospitals, especially when death is allegedly due to medical negligence. MLCs are not made in such cases as a routine. Instead, the patient lodges a complaint with the police.

What are hospital MLC charges?

1. Medicolegal cases (MLC) are an integral part of medical practice that is frequently encountered by Medical Officers (MO). The occurrence of MLCs is on the increase, both in the Civil as well as in the Armed Forces.

What is the job of MLC?

MLC (Member of Legislative Council) has a term of six years. Their functions are similar to that of Rajya Sabha members. They are expected to help government make laws and regulations based on their knowledge and experience.

How MLC members are elected?

MLCs are chosen in the following manner: One third are elected by the members of local bodies such as municipalities, Gram panchayats, Panchayat samitis and district councils. One twelfth are elected by persons who are graduates of three years’ standing residing in that state.

What is abbreviation of MLC?


Acronym Definition
MLC Multi-Level Cell
MLC Maritime Labour Convention (International Labour Organization)
MLC Machine Learning Classifier (algorithm)
MLC Myosin Light Chain

How do I get medico legal?

Any hospital may issue a medico legal certificate….Here are the steps on how to secure a medical certificate for medico-legal cases:

  1. Seek treatment immediately.
  2. Have medical treatment.
  3. Request for medical certificate for medico-legal cases.
  4. Proceed to the Records Section.
  5. Pay the certificate fee.

Who is medico legal?

A Medico-Legal Case can be defined as a case of injury or ailment, etc., in which investigations by the law-enforcing agencies are essential to fix the responsibility regarding the causation of the injury or ailment. Or a legal case requiring medical expertise when brought by the police for examination.

What are the types of medico legal cases?

Instances of MLC are:

  • Cases of injuries and burns that suggest the commission of an offence.
  • Unnatural accident cases of grievous hurt or death.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Criminal abortion.
  • Unnatural unconsciousness.
  • Poisoning or intoxication.
  • Cases referred by the courts.

What does MLC mean?


Acronym Definition
MLC Member of Legislative Council
MLC Models of Life Contingencies (mathematics)
MLC Maximum Likelihood Classification
MLC Maximum Load Current (electricity)

What is the full form of the MLC?

1) MLC: Member of Legislative Council The full form of MLC is Member of Legislative Council. A Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) is elected by local bodies, state legislative assembly, governor, graduates and teachers, for a term of 6 years. One third of the members are retired in every two years.

Is there such a thing as a medicolegal MLC?

Medicolegal Cases or MLC are a fundamental segment of the therapeutic practice that restorative officials usually experience. There is an expansion in the occurrence of MLCs, both in the Civil and the Armed Forces.

Which is the full form of MLA in India?

What is the full form of MLA and MP? MLA – Member of Legislative Assembly Member of Legislative Assembly is a representative selected by a Legislative Assembly. In India, each state has between 4 to 9 MLAs for every Member of Parliament (MP) that it has in the Lok Sabha.