What is the fastest speedrun for Ocarina of Time?

What is the fastest speedrun for Ocarina of Time?

The fasted time that a player has got to the end of the game is now just six minutes 53 seconds and 950 milliseconds, which is 33 milliseconds shorter than the previous record. The record may not last long, as the one it beat was only set earlier that day, and the one before that just a week ago.

How long does it take to speedrun Ocarina of Time?

In its new guide to speedrunning series, VENN takes its audience through beloved classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, showing how to beat the game in 15 minutes or less. Remember, this Zelda story typically takes 26 to 37 hours to complete, depending on how many sidequests players complete.

What is the fastest Zelda Speed Run?

The fastest Any% completion of The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo Entertainment System) was achieved by “rcdrone” (USA). According to figures provided by, as of 19 March 2020 rcdrone topped the leaderboard with a time of 28 minutes 15 seconds.

What is OoT GSR?

It’s “Ganondorf Source Requirement”

Is Ocarina of Time the best game ever?

Update 12/6/2021: Ocarina of Time has reclaimed its crown as the best rated game. For years many have gone on about how good The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was. A new release on the Nintendo Switch is currently the best-rated video game of all time according to Metacritic.

Will Ocarina of Time be on switch?

Unfortunately, it seems Nintendo has no plans to bring The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to the Nintendo Switch. Despite the recent celebration of the series’ 35th anniversary, no new ports or remasters have been announced. Until we hear otherwise, there is no Ocarina of Time Switch release date.

Who beat Botw fastest?

Speedrunner Player 5 has just achieved the Any Percent world record in Breath of the Wild, completing the monstrously large Switch game in just 25 minutes and 30 seconds.

How do you get 100 in Botw?

Once players finish all four Divine Beasts, complete all 120 Ancient Shrines (including the 42 that are uncovered through Ancient Shrine quests), acquire all 900 Korok Seeds, and visit every named location on the map, they’ll hit 100%.

What is SRM in OOT?

The credits warp is possible thanks to something called SRM, or “Stale Reference Manipulation.” Stale Reference Manipulation allows players to overwrite Ocarina of Time’s code, particularly values involving “actors” within the game world.

What is SRM in OoT?

Which is the fastest Ocarina of time game?

Rank Player Time Platform Date 18th medaka medaka 7 m 46 s 716 ms 7 m 46 s 716 ms GCN 19th Z u d u Zudu 7 m 48 s 100 ms 7 m 48 s 100 ms N64 20th ikaboze ikaboze 7 m 48 s 367 ms 7 m 48 s 367 ms GCN 21st sva sva 7 m 49 s 470 ms 7 m 49 s 470 ms N64

Can you play Ocarina of time on an emulator?

Tricks and glitches exclusive to 1.0/1.1 cannot be used on emulator to save time. Analog signals can only be mapped to analog forms of input. Digital signals can be mapped to analog inputs, but not the reverse (eg. mapping C-Buttons on the C-Stick is okay, but mapping ESS position to a button is not).

When does timing end in Ocarina of time?

If wrong warping into the credits, timing ends on the first frame of the fade-in of any cutscene which normally takes place after the Ganon final slash, and which will eventually reach The End screen. Any method of starting a run which causes your first pause to begin anywhere other than the Map subscreen is banned.

Can you use unofficial Mios on Zelda Ocarina of time?

Using an unofficial MIOS is not allowed. For full game runs, emulator is banned for all times that are within 10% of the existing record. If you are unsure of what this time is, contact a moderator. You must use Project64 1.6 or 1.7.