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What is the difference between the Nosler AccuBond?

What is the difference between the Nosler AccuBond?

Well-known member. The original Accubond has a thicker or stronger jacket. Designed to work well at closer ranges, if you will. Conversely the ABLR is designed to perform better as velocities start dropping off-and get there accurately.

Is the Nosler AccuBond a good bullet?

The AccuBond is generally a very accurate bullet. This is because the core is void free. AccuBond bullets also shoot very flat; they have a high ballistic coefficient for their weight, which is helped by a pointy white tip.

What is the difference between Nosler Partition and Nosler AccuBond?

The Accubond is designed to mushroom but stay together. The Partition is designed so that the front part will shrapnel but the rear will keep penetrating. That shrapnel will do a good bit of damage in soft tissue like a lungs only broadside shot.

What is the best Nosler bullet for elk?

Nosler® offers three bullets which we feel are suitable for elk given an adequate cartridge: the Partition®, AccuBond® and the E-Tip®. The Partition® is a time tested, bone-crushing elk bullet. The AccuBond® was designed to perform like a Partition® with the advantage of a higher B.C. for longer range hunting.

Are AccuBond bullets good for elk?

Accubonds or Partitions in my 30-06 and they both have performed perfectly on elk, deer, and antelope. Shoot the one your rifle likes the best In the 308 I think I would go with the 165 gr. bullet also. Decent velocity and good penetration could be expected.

What does Nosler AccuBond mean?

Through an exclusive bonding process that eliminates voids in the bullet core, AccuBond® couples Nosler’s proven copper-alloy jacket with its special lead-alloy core. The result is a bullet that flies true, penetrates deep and retains its weight, without causing extensive barrel fouling.

Are Nosler ballistic Tips good for elk?

They said the ballistic tips are not for elk. They are designed for smaller game. The ballistic tips expand faster and don’t penetrate deep enough for elk.

Is Nosler Partition good for elk?

Considered one of the best all-around hunting bullets ever made, the Nosler Partition has been a top choice among elk hunters for over 70 years and for good reason.

Are Nosler Partitions accurate?

They give me good to excellent accuracy in any of a number of rifles. I believe it is a fine bullet for the calibre. In my 06 and 300 Win Mag, I have been using the 180 gr Partition on elk since about 1961, because they work. They work the same way every time, time after time.

Is a 150 grain bullet good for elk?

The Bullet Does the Work We argue cartridges and calibers endlessly, but bullet choice matters. Elk bullets must be tough enough to provide adequate penetration. Choose at least medium weight for caliber: 140 grains in 6.5mm and the lighter 7mms; 140 and 150 grains in .

Is the Hornady SST bullet good for elk?

That being said the 154 gr sst is all I shoot out my tikka for elk. I have no complaints about this round on elk. I’ve shot the sst’s along with my brother and no issues whatsoever. As Ross and Jon said, shoot what shoots best—-both will work.

What’s the difference between a Nosler and an Accubond bullet?

Both bullets are designed to be general-purpose hunting bullets suitable for all game animals. Both bullets are designed to expand into consistent mushrooms while retaining 65-70% of their original weight with proven performance over a wide range of velocities and game.

What makes Nosler bullet better than ballistic tip?

The bonding of core to jacket positively prevents core/jacket separation after impact, increasing weight retention and penetration compared to a Ballistic Tip. Using the expansion and penetration characteristics of the Partition bullet as their design goal, Nosler technicians refined the performance of the AccuBond to match.

Which is the most expensive Nosler hunting bullet?

They are Nosler’s most expensive bullets; the 2012 MSRP for a 50 count box of .308/180 grain Partition spitzers is $44. The Partition established Nosler’s reputation, but it was an expensive hunting bullet.

Is the Nosler Partition a good hunting bullet?

However, Partitions are sufficiently accurate for big game hunting purposes and their terminal performance is absolutely deadly. If you want a target bullet, Nosler makes them; if you want the best bullet for your next elk hunt, get a Partition.