What is the difference between 42RE and 44re?

What is the difference between 42RE and 44re?

The difference is how much torque they can handle. The 44 is a bit stronger than the 42. They have the same gear ratios. The 46 RE has a larger housing and a different 1st and 2nd gear.

What is the governor pressure sensor?

The governor sensor measures the governor pressure in the circuit to tell the computer to add or take away pressure. If either the solenoid or sensor fail you may have a no shift, wrong gear starts or shift timing issues.

Who makes 42RE transmission?

Chrysler produced the 42RE and 42RH four-speed automatic transmissions. The 42RH was a medium-duty transmission, while the 42RE was a heavy-duty version of the same transmission. They featured identical gear ratios, but the 42RE used electronic components to shift gears.

Can you replace a 42RE with a 46RE?

So you will need to use your V6 flexplate no matter what transmission you find. 42RE and 46RE torque converters are not interchangeable.

What is P1756?

It eventually set a fault code P1756, which is a governor pressure malfunction. The common cure seems to be to replace the governor pressure solenoid and sensor.

What does the transmission governor solenoid do?

The transmission solenoid is the part in charge of opening and closing the valves in the body to allow for either more, or prevent, the fluid from entering. At this point, the fluid can pressurize the clutches and bands to change gears quickly.

Is the AW4 a good transmission?

The shift points in the AW4 feel odd, and the spotty engagment of the lockup torque converter is idiosyncratic. But it is a decent transmission, and if kept cool and maintained it can offer good service within its range.

What does 46RE mean?

The A518, later renamed 46RH (hydraulic controlled governor pressure) and 46RE (electronic controlled governor pressure), is an A727 derivative with overdrive, in the A500 ilk. Starting in 1990, it was used in some trucks and vans. The overdrive fourth gear ratio is 0.69:1.