What is the definition of wanton destruction?

What is the definition of wanton destruction?

1 dissolute, licentious, or immoral. 2 without motive, provocation, or justification. wanton destruction. 3 maliciously and unnecessarily cruel or destructive. 4 unrestrained.

What is wanton destruction law of war?

Wanton destruction of cities, towns, and villages or devastation not justified by the requirements of military operations.” The US Manual for Military Commissions (2007), Part IV, Crimes and Elements, includes in the list of crimes triable by military commissions: DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW OF WAR.

What is wanton woman?

If someone describes a woman as wanton, they disapprove of her because she clearly enjoys sex or has sex with a lot of men. [disapproval, old-fashioned] …the idea that only wanton women have sexual passions. More Synonyms of wanton.

What is wanton behavior?

without regard for what is right, just, humane, etc.; careless; reckless: a wanton attacker of religious convictions. sexually lawless or unrestrained; loose; lascivious; lewd: wanton behavior.

What is a wanton man?

1a : one given to self-indulgent flirtation or trifling —used especially in the phrase play the wanton. b : a lewd or lascivious person. 2 : a pampered person or animal : pet especially : a spoiled child.

What is wanton death?

“A person is guilty of wanton endangerment in the first degree when, under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life, he wantonly engages in conduct which creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury to another person,” KRS 508.060 states.

What means Lex specialis?

This Latin term is derived from the legal maxim in the interpretation of laws, both in domestic and international law: ‘lex specialis derogat legi generali’. This essentially means that more specific rules will prevail over more general rules.

How many levels are in wanton destruction?

Gameplay. The game features 12 new levels, new artwork and a few new enemy replacements, such as human enemies; though they still act like their original counterparts.

What does wanton mean in Romeo and Juliet?

used in Romeo and Juliet. 3 uses. of something considered bad: excessive, thoughtless indulgence — such as waste, cruelty, violence, and (especially in the past) sexual promiscuity.

Is wanton to do?

(intransitive) To rove and ramble without restraint, rule, or limit; to revel; to play loosely; to frolic. To waste or squander, especially in pleasure (often with away). (intransitive) To act wantonly; to be lewd or lascivious.