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What is the cheat to get a nice car in GTA 5?

What is the cheat to get a nice car in GTA 5?

Spawns a ‘Comet’ car.

  1. PS3 / PS4 – R1, O, R2, Right, L1, L2, X, X, Square, R1.
  2. Xbox One / Xbox 360 – RB, B, RT, Right, LB, LT, A, A, X, RB.
  3. PC – COMET.
  4. Cell Phone – 1-999-266-38.

How do you spawn a bulletproof car in GTA 5?

Duke O’ Death The vehicle is bulletproof and has a distinctive engine noise. If you want some serious protection to go with your vehicle, put in the codes below: PC: DEATHCAR. Cell Phone: 1-999-3328-4227 (There are no console button sequences for this vehicle so you can just use the phone instead)

How do I repair my car in GTA 5?

You can head to a garage to customise and fix your vehicle or fix it by parking it in the garage of one of your safehouses, but there’s a much easier way. As long as you are not mid-mission or have wanted stars, all that is required is to switch character and then immediately switch back.

What is the fastest armored car in GTA 5?

Recorded at a top speed of 109.75 mph, the Armored Kuruma is one of the fastest armored vehicles in GTA Online.

What is the cheat code for slidey cars GTA?

Slidey Cars GTA Cheat Code Platform Code Xbox One Y, RB, RB, Left, RB, LB, RT, LB PS4 Triangle, R1, R1, Left, R1, L1, R2, L1 PS3 Triangle, R1, R1, Left, R1, L1, R2, L1 Xbox 360 Y, RB, RB, Left, RB, LB, RT, LB

Why do you need the slipper cheat in GTA 5?

Also known as Slipper Cars, this cheat helps prevent your car from sliding around when the road becomes slippery or greasy. But, that’s not the only reason you may want to activate it. This GTA cheat gives your vehicle a much more realistic braking distance. In fact, it allows you to use the accelerator to control it.

Are there any cheat numbers for GTA 5?

We have them for PS4 and PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, PC, and of course all the cell phone cheat numbers. Founder of GTA BOOM, Matt has been a long-time fan of the GTA series ever since he came across Grand Theft Auto III for rent in his local video store, many years ago. It’s been an obsession since!