What is the best color Whopper Plopper?

What is the best color Whopper Plopper?

Go-To Colors Black or white are his top two choices for topwaters and it simply comes down to confidence. “I have always had the best success with topwater baits that are a solid color instead of translucent ones. My top two Whopper Plopper colors are Powder (white) and Loon (black).”

What is the best size Whopper Plopper for bass?

The Whopper Plopper 75 The 75 size is ideal for throwing to bass busting baitfish on the surface during the summer. The 3-inch model best matches the size of the shad bass are feeding on then.

What’s the biggest Whopper Plopper?

The original, and biggest model is the Whopper Plopper 190. This is the one designed for musky fishing. But it became very popular amongst the swimbait crowd, who are not at all intimidated by the size of this bait.

Who makes the original Whopper Plopper?

angler Larry Dahlberg
Developed by master angler Larry Dahlberg, the Whopper Plopper is now among the most popular lures in the country, and tackle dealers can barely keep them in stock. Why?

What is the best time of day to catch bass?

Without question, the best time of day to fish for bass is at night. Bass are known to feed more heavily at night than during any other time of day. Not only is night the best time to fish for bass due to bass being more active, there are often fewer anglers and less commotion on the waterways during the evening hours.

Are whopper Ploppers good for musky?

River2Sea’s Whopper Plopper, designed by the legendary angler Larry Dahlberg, is his secret weapon for musky fishing. The tail is designed to withstand the punishment rendered rocks, stumps and muskies.

What fish is like a Whopper Plopper?

Bass tend to follow Whopper Ploppers at times, and the tiny spot of color gives them a good aiming point. Stop around cover. It may seem obvious, but the most successful Whopper Plopper anglers will typically pause the bait during the retrieve, whenever the bait goes by something likely to hold bass.

Can you use whopper plopper in saltwater?

This roll-resistant, saltwater rattle-free version of the Original Whopper Plopper works incredibly well when crawled on top for skittish game fish in shallow water.

What size hooks on Whopper plopper?

Whopper Plopper 90 /130 are the little brothers of our larger version, but don’t let its little package fool you, this bait has a serious little man’s complex. Built with the same durable construction as the rest of the line with Xtra Strong components including hook hangers, wires, and X-Strong size 4 treble hooks.