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What is Soave procedure?

What is Soave procedure?

The Soave procedure was introduced in the 1960s. The mucosa and submucosa of the rectum are resected, and the ganglionic bowel is pulled through the aganglionic muscular cuff of the rectum.

What is Duhamel operation?

The Duhamel procedure was first described in 1956 as a modification to the Swenson procedure. A retrorectal approach is used, and a significant segment of aganglionic rectum is retained. The aganglionic bowel is resected down to the rectum, and the rectum is oversewn.

What to expect after surgery for Hirschsprung’s?

Immediately following successful surgery, many children with Hirschsprung’s disease have diarrhea for weeks. Diarrhea may break down sensitive skin under the diaper, and the child recognizes intense pain after each bowel movement.

What surgery is done for Hirschsprung’s?

To fix intestinal obstruction caused by Hirschsprung’s disease, surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital perform a type of surgery called a pull-through procedure. The goal of pull-through surgery is to remove the diseased section of your child’s intestine and then pull the healthy portion of this organ down to the anus.

What is an endorectal pull-through?

Abstract. Background: Transanal endorectal pull-through was described by De la Torre-Mondragon’s technique. In the original transanal pull-through procedure, a long rectal muscular cuff was dissected and left for anocolic anastomosis, which would sometimes lead to postoperative obstructive symptoms and enterocolitis.

What is Abdominoperineal pull-through?

Abstract. Abdominoperineal endoanal pull-through resection with colorectal anastomosis was performed on 728 patients–primarily those with chagasic megacolon and cancer of the rectum.

What is Proctocolectomy surgery?

A proctocolectomy is the surgical removal of the colon and rectum. A colectomy is the surgical removal of the colon.

Can Hirschsprung disease be treated without surgery?

A doctor will know if your child has Hirschsprung disease based on a physical exam, a medical and family history, symptoms, and test results. Hirschsprung disease is a life-threatening illness, and treatment requires surgery. Children who have surgery for Hirschsprung disease most often feel better after surgery.

What is abdominal pull-through?

A pull-through procedure is the definitive operation for Hirschsprung disease, involving the removal of the abnormal segment of bowel that has no nerves, pulling through the normal bowel and connecting it to the anus. Several types of pull-through procedures exist including the Soave, Swenson and Duhamel.