What is shadow Teddie weak to?

What is shadow Teddie weak to?

Shadow Teddie will use a Mind Charge – Mabufula combo throughout the battle. If you see him use Mind Charge, at least have Yukiko guard to withstand the damage, as she is weak to Ice. Chie should be fine here, and if you have a Persona who can resist Ice, equip them as well.

What is Teddie weak to Persona 4?

However, Teddie will remain weak to Electric attacks. Advisory: You might consider obtaining this persona by spending extra time with Teddie if you have some to kill, if for nothing else but the increased resistances.

How do you beat Shadow rise and Teddie?

Beating Shadow Rise in Persona 4 Golden Since Shadow Rise has no particular strengths or weaknesses, just focus on using your strongest physical attacks and magic spells. Once her health is down, she’ll use a move called Supreme Insight, and from this point on, you won’t be able to damage her at all.

Does Teddie fight in Persona 4?

Persona 4. He is fought after the Shadow Rise boss battle. It then accepts and transforms into Teddie’s persona Kintoki-Douji.

Is Teddie a shadow?

On December 5th, Teddie appears in the Velvet Room, with the usual occupants nowhere to be seen. He explains the origins of his existence to the protagonist, and is saddened to realize that he is merely a Shadow who took the form of a cartoon bear so that humans would like him.

What level is rise Persona 4?

Persona 4

Arcana Level SP
Lovers 35 800

Is Teddie better than Chie?

it’s preference really. teddie’s a better magic attacker and has support+heal skills to back up yukiko’s healing ability, while chie is an all-out attacker, mostly physical and mostly will just be using her ice attacks to knock ice-weak enemies down, so it’s a matter of what’s more important to you.

Can Teddie really not fight?

Teddie claims he can’t fight, but says he will do his best to support you. Neither of you believe that he can’t find. When given the option, choose “Try Touching Teddie”.

What is shadow rise weakness?

The Shadow has no strengths or weaknesses, so any means of inflicting damage at this point will suffice. After about a third of Shadow Rise’s HP has been depleted, she’ll start using Mind Slice, which may cause confusion, but it shouldn’t be much a problem.

Does Rise have a persona?

Rise Kujikawa is a unique member of the Persona 4 Golden party as she doesn’t join you in battle, but she’s still vitally important. She represents the Lovers arcana, and you’ll want to get to know her through her social link storyline.

Why is Teddie human?

He learned to speak human language and became friendly with humans, taking his bear-like form so that people would like him upon meeting him. Teddie eventually grows a human body so that he can be with other humans.

Why did Teddie turn into a human?

Teddie tells MC that he was originally a shadow, but due to some phenomenon he evolved human emotions. After the fight with his shadow, although it wasn’t specified, since he came to terms with himself, he wished for an even easier form that humans could accept, thus his human appearance.

What kind of Persona does Shadow Teddie use?

A Persona with resistance or immunity to Physical damage is also useful for enduring Shadow Teddie’s physical strikes, particularly if it has powerful attacks of its own or buffing spells. Shadow Teddie’s Nihil Hand can be negated by guarding the turn before the attack hits.

Who is the Shadow Boss in Persona 4?

Shadow Teddie (クマの影, Kuma no Kage) is a boss in Persona 4. It is the Shadow Self of Teddie .

How to beat Shadow Teddie in Shin Megami Tensei?

Since it has no weakness, just attacking it with strong attacks. Since it has no resistance, just whack the hell out of him. You need Yukiko and yourself to heal while the other 2 to attack. Choose your persona which has a healing spell ( most preferablely with mediarama ) with either an attacking spell or physical attack.

Who are the best healers for Shadow Teddie?

Yukiko can provide a valuable source of healing and decent damage, provided that she guards whenever Shadow Teddie casts Mind Charge. Chie and Kanji are both effective damage dealers (with the former also having a helpful Ice resistance), but require ample healing support to maintain their barrage of HP-draining physical attacks.