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What is radio button and radio group in android?

What is radio button and radio group in android?

Android radio button is a widget which can have more than one option to choose from. The user can choose only one option at a time. Each option here refers to a radio button and all the options for the topic are together referred to as Radio Group. Hence, Radio Buttons are used inside a RadioGroup.

How do you make a radio group on android?

To create each radio button option, create a RadioButton in your layout. However, because radio buttons are mutually exclusive, you must group them together inside a RadioGroup . By grouping them together, the system ensures that only one radio button can be selected at a time.

How do I group radio buttons?

You group radio buttons by drawing them inside a container such as a Panel control, a GroupBox control, or a form. All radio buttons that are added directly to a form become one group. To add separate groups, you must place them inside panels or group boxes.

What is button group in radio button?

A radio group is defined by giving each of radio buttons in the group the same name . Once a radio group is established, selecting any radio button in that group automatically deselects any currently-selected radio button in the same group.

What is the purpose of radio button?

A radio button or option button is a graphical control element that allows the user to choose only one of a predefined set of mutually exclusive options.

Which is the method of radio button control?

RadioButton and CheckBox controls have a similar function: they offer choices a user can select or clear. The difference is that multiple CheckBox controls can be selected at the same time, but option buttons are mutually exclusive. Use the Checked property to get or set the state of a RadioButton.

How do I create a CheckBox group in Android?

Typically, you should present each checkbox option in a vertical list. To create each checkbox option, create a CheckBox in your layout. Because a set of checkbox options allows the user to select multiple items, each checkbox is managed separately and you must register a click listener for each one.

How do I add multiple radio buttons?

Once the radio group is created, selecting any radio button in that group automatically deselects any other selected radio button in the same group. You can have as many radio groups on a page as you want, as long as each group has its own name.

How do I make a group button?

Creating a button group is really simple – all you need is an element with the class . btn-group to wrap your buttons. This produces a horizontally aligned group of buttons – in case you’re after a vertically stacked group use the . btn-group-vertical class instead.