What is Plastibell circumcision device?

What is Plastibell circumcision device?

The Plastibell is a plastic device slipped between the penis and the foreskin to circumcise a male. A cut in the foreskin usually is required before the device can be placed. Sterile string is tied around the device and over the foreskin to cut off the blood supply.

What is best circumcision method?

The choice of which technique is used depends on the physician’s preference and experience. The three major methods of circumcision are the Gomco clamp, the Plastibell device , and the Mogen clamp. Each one works by cutting off circulation to the foreskin to prevent bleeding when the doctor cuts the foreskin.

What is Plastibell circumcision healing?

Normal Circumcision Healing The scab at the incision line comes off in 7 to 10 days. If a Plastibell (plastic ring) was used, it should fall off by 14 days. 10 days is the average. While it can’t fall off too early, pulling it off can cause bleeding.

Is the Plastibell method safe?

Plastibell circumcision is safe, quick, easily manageable, and acceptable technique for parents. Complications are low in neonates and infants than older age group.

Is gomco or Plastibell better?

In Plastibell technique there was only one slippage of the ring and one of skin necrosis which required refashioning the circumcision in the operating room. We found that the Gomco technique is associated with less bleeding, penile edema, and other complications.

What happens if Plastibell doesn’t fall off?

Call your doctor if the plastibell hasn’t fallen off from eight days to two weeks or if it has slipped down the shaft and seems to be constricting it. Don’t use diaper wipes as they may sting. Only use water, and be gentle.

How long after circumcision will it look normal?

Even though your baby’s penis will likely start to feel better after 3 or 4 days, it may look worse. The penis often starts to look like it’s getting better after about 7 to 10 days.

What does it look like when Plastibell falls off?

It can look a little like a skinned knee while it is healing. It may also appear somewhat swollen. The Plastibell ring will fall off by itself. When this happens can vary from 1 to 8 days.