What is Pega email listener?

What is Pega email listener?

Email listeners provide the Pega Platform with the information it needs to route email incoming messages to an email service rule (Rule-Service-Email rule type).

How email listener works in Pega?

The email listener monitors the email account on the configured folder and routes the email message to email service rule for processing.

How to configure email listener in Pega?

To create or update cases from incoming email messages, configure an email listener in Dev Studio. Email listeners identify the listener, the email account name, the name of the mail folder to monitor, the message format of the incoming messages, and the email service rule to which to route messages.

What are listeners in PEGA?

A listener is a PRPC background process that waits on a TCP/IP port or a similar messaging facility for arriving messages. Listeners can execute on one node or on multiple nodes in a multinode system.

How do I stop PEGA email listener?

On the Properties tab, in the Listener nodes section, configure the startup option for the listener: To stop the listener from being started automatically in Pega Platform or manually in Admin Studio, select Block startup.

What is the use of file listener in PEGA?

Use a file listener with a file service to import and process files from another system or that have been created by application users. For example, you can import data that is used to create a work object.

What is the purpose of service listener in PEGA?

Service listeners provide Pega Platform with information the platform needs to route incoming messages to a specific service. The service listener establishes a requestor. A requestor is the processing and data associated with the incoming request initiated by the external system.

How can I add my email to my PEGA account?

On the Email account settings form, in the Account ID field, enter an account ID for the email account to which you want to connect. In the Account Name field, enter a name that identifies the email account. In the Account provider section, in the Email provider list, select an email provider.

What is PEGA service package?

A service package is a name that groups one or more service rules that are designed to be developed, tested, and deployed together. For some service rule types, this corresponds to a package of Java classes. To define a service package, create an instance of the Data-Admin-ServicePackage class.

How do I trace a file listener?

To trace the actual file listening piece, upload a file one and look at Requestors in your SMA. One or more of the requestors should have Client Address column containing your file listener’s service package name. Trace those requestor sessions from SMA one by one by placing files one by one.

How do you parse a delimited in PEGA?

Parse delimited in Pega

  1. Introduction.
  2. Step1: Records -> Integration-Mapping -> Parse Delimited -> Create.
  3. Step 2: Create and Open.
  4. Select a Map to value – Here you can either use a clipboard property to map directly or we can also refer other parse rules like XML parse rule, delimited parse rule and structured parse rule.

How do I change my default email on PEGA?

Update the email sender and recipient in Pega Platform.

  1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio,, click Records, and then click Integration-Resources Email Account .
  2. Click Default.
  3. On the Edit Email Account form, configure and save the email account.

Why are my email listeners disabled in Pega?

Ensure that the Blocked option on the Properties tab of the listener is cleared. If this option is selected, the listener is disabled. Listeners with this setting do not start when the Pega Platform nodes start and you cannot start them from Admin Studio.

Is there an email listener in Pega knowledge sharing?

— Pega Knowledge Sharing” frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” class=”wp-embedded-content”> You can specify the folder name, on which the email listener monitors.

What is the sender and receiver rule in Pega?

While the Sender part of the Email Account rule is sufficient to support outbound email notifications, the Receiver part as well as Listener, Package and Email Service rule are mandatory for inbound communication.

Can a node based listener be used in Pega?

Node based startup and Host based startup options are not supported for cloud-based systems because Pega Cloud Services defines the host name and node. For more information, see Configuring email listener routing. Ensure that the Blocked option on the Properties tab of the listener is cleared.