What is Melkkos made of?

What is Melkkos made of?

Melkkos is a traditional or authentic South African dish, better known as milk food. This is one of those dishes that makes you remember the old days or long to visit your grandma. It is made with milk as its main ingredient, and other items including flour and butter are added.

What is the meaning of Melkkos?

Melkkos is a comforting milk and cinnamon dish that can be served as a light breakfast, lunch or evening meal. The name “melkkos” (which means “meal made from milk”) doesn’t do justice to this wonderful dish that will warm up even the most dismal of winter days. There many ways to make melkkos.

What kind of food is melkkos in South Africa?

Melkkos (milk food) is one of those South African heritage dishes that conjures up memories of family dinners ‘round the kitchen table and the sweetness of childhood. The recipe for the traditionally Afrikaans creamy, milky, cinnamonny concoction is often passed down from a long line of grandparents and parents, and such was the case with

How to make the best melkkos at home?

DIRECTIONS 1 Sift the flour and salt together and rub in margarine/butter. 2 Bring milk to the boil. 3 Add flour mixture to milk and beat. 4 Lumps will form but keep stirring well! 5 When lumpy, cover with lid and simmer for 5- 8 minutes, until cooked. 6 Serve hot with cinnamon sugar. More

What kind of noodles are used in melkkos?

She grew up eating both her grandmother and mother’s melksnysels (noodles boiled in milk) and melkkos, the latter of which she took more of a liking to thanks to weekly doses at her boarding school, and below she’s shared her take on the once-a-week favourite.

How do you make Melk PAP in South Africa?

Step 1: Boil the milk. Step 2: Combine the corn flour, sugar, and salt together. Mix with a little milk, just to make a very liquid mixture. Step 3: Beat the egg. Step 4: Combine the milk (step 1), the flour mixture (step 2) and the egg (step 3). Mix together and begin cooking together. Stir occasionally, to avoid lumps from forming.