What is Massa-Carrara known for?

What is Massa-Carrara known for?

Carrara, city, Massa-Carrara provincia (province), Toscana (Tuscany) regione (region), north-central Italy. The city is famous for some of the world’s finest marble, called Carrara, taken from nearby quarries and used by sculptors from Michelangelo to Henry Moore.

What is Carrara made of?

The Carrara Marble, as other types of marble, is a metamorphic rock made from microscopically small calcium carbonate crystals.

Is all Carrara marble from Italy?

Marble has an extensive history in Italy—it’s been a part of Italian culture and industry for over 2,000 years. The most common types of white Italian marble are Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario, all of which come from a region near the city of Carrara, Italy.

Is Massa a city?

Massa, city, Toscana (Tuscany) regione, north-central Italy. It became the seat of the principate (duchy from 1633) of Massa-Carrara in 1568. Notable landmarks in the city include the 15th- to 16th-century fortress, the 17th-century ducal palace, and the 15th-century cathedral.

Why is Carrara marble so expensive?

The reason Calacatta is the most expensive marble is that it is only available from one quarry in the world, located in Carrara, Italy; production is limited and controlled.

How do you maintain Carrara marble?

Regular Maintenance Clean the marble with warm water and detergent; don’t use soap, as it is fat based and can cause the stone to darken. You can use a cleaner specifically meant for marble or store-bought detergent. Rinse the stone with clean water and then thoroughly dry it with soft cloth.

Is Carrara marble from China?

The above marble slab is the famous Italian Carrara marble from Carrara which has been specified from thousands of prominent projects and products around the world. This photo above is a white marble slab from China that many Chinese stone factories try to sell off as the Italian Carrara marble.

What state is Massa Italy?

Province of Massa and Carrara

Who was Massa in the Bible?

The Biblical text states that the Israelites argued with Moses about the lack of water, with Moses rebuking the Israelites for testing Yahweh, hence the name Massah, which means testing.

Is Carrara marble good for bathrooms?

Known for its softer gray veining, this marble is an ideal choice to add luxurious touches throughout the home! Many of our bathroom vanity styles feature authentic Carrara marble imported from Italy, and we love seeing the variety of marbling that comes with each product – as a natural stone, every slab is different!