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What is Malcolm X most famous speech?

What is Malcolm X most famous speech?

“The Ballot or the Bullet” became one of Malcolm X’s most recognizable phrases, and the speech was one of his greatest orations.

Where was Malcolm X ballot or bullet speech?

On April 12, 1964, a presidential election year, Malcolm X delivered a speech to a large audience gathered at King Solomon Baptist Church, in Detroit, Michigan.

How would you describe Malcolm X?

Malcolm X was an African American leader in the civil rights movement, minister and supporter of Black nationalism. He urged his fellow Black Americans to protect themselves against white aggression “by any means necessary,” a stance that often put him at odds with the nonviolent teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr.

What does the ballot mean in ballot or the bullet?

“The Ballot or the Bullet,” by Malcolm X, is an influential speech empowering the black. community to fight the control of the “white man” by using the ballot or the bullet. Malcolm X uses the. “white man” metaphorically because he is not referring to the friendly white neighbor living next door.

What are Malcolm X’s speeches?

Malcolm X wrote a speech called “The Ballot or the Bullet.” In the speech, Malcolm X uses rhetorical devices, and emphasizes his tone and mood throughout his speech to emphasize his major points and to catch the listeners’ attention. Malcolm X’s speech was extremely powerful. A rhetorical device he used was repetition.

What was Malcolm X speech about?

Malcolm X began his speech by acknowledging that he was still a Muslim, but he quickly added that he didn’t intend to discuss religion or any other issues that divide African Americans. Instead, he was going to emphasize the common experience of African Americans of all faiths:

When did Malcolm X give his first speech?

The first 45 seconds of ” The Ballot or the Bullet ” as given April 12, 1964 in Detroit. “The Ballot or the Bullet” is the title of a public speech by human rights activist Malcolm X.