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What is Irish blackthorn?

What is Irish blackthorn?

Blackthorn is a type of flowering plant also known as Prunus Spinosa. The plant gets its name from the dark colour of its thorns. Oak is less common in Ireland than it is in England, and for this reason the Irish used blackthorn wood in its place.

What is a blackthorn walking stick?

Blackthorn wood is a type of oak tree and the popular canes made from their wood are known as the traditional Irish country walking stick and is highly sought after. Blackthorn trees and bushes can be found growing along the lanes and byways of Europe and in particular the United Kingdom.

What is a Irish walking stick?

Walking Sticks. Made from the extremely durable Irish blackthorn wood, these sticks make a truly wonderful walking companion. With a focus on using these items as a walking aid they also retain the self defence capabilities of a traditional Shillelagh club.

How are blackthorn walking sticks made?

There are two ways to cut your stick. One is to cut across the base of the blackthorn shaft. The second, and preferred, is to dig at the root base. Often you’ll find that a blackthorn shaft grows as root ball that forms a beautiful and totally natural handle to your blackthorn walking stick.

What is an Irish Shalali?

Shillelaghs are clubs or Irish walking sticks crafted from the stout, knobby branches of trees which are shaped into a heavy “hitting” end with varying lengths of handle. Blackthorn and oak, especially the root, are commonly used to craft shillelaghs.

What is the difference between blackthorn and hawthorn?

With blackthorn, it is flowers before leaves, but with the hawthorn, it is leaves before flowers. This is why it is also known as the May tree. Blackthorn leaves are oval with a toothed edge while hawthorn leaves are deeply lobed with jagged edges.

Can I bring a walking stick on a plane?

Most airlines will allow passengers to bring a walking stick onto the plane with them if they need it to aid their mobility. For safety reasons, you must either be able to collapse the stick and store it under your seat or store it in the overhead luggage bin. Otherwise, the walking stick could be a tripping hazard.

What is the best wood to use for a walking stick?

Excellent woods for walking sticks include hazel, birch, cherry, blackthorn, ash, oak, elder, and holly. Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa, or “sloe”) is perhaps ideal. These woods also make excellent walking stick handles, either in the shape of root knobs or knots, or when turned into shape on a lathe.

What is a Irish Sheleighly?

What do leprechauns use their sticks called shillelagh for?

Shillelagh. The leprechauns use the shillelagh to gain access to their rainbow. The stick is crooked and made of wood.

What kind of wood is Irish blackthorn walking stick made of?

Traditional Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick. Crafted from solid Irish Blackthorn wood, this full-length walking stick is the perfect companion for your next country walk. The handle allows for a comfortable grip while you traverse any terrain. The strong wood makes it a great protector as well as a hiking accessory.

How big is the base of an Irish walking stick?

Sticks are 36-37 inches approximately in length from the base to the tip of the handle. Features a rubber ferule on the base to prevent wear. Hazel Shaft for sustainability and strength These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Show details Only 2 left in stock – order soon. Ships from and sold by Irish Gifts and Fragrances.

Where did the shillelagh walking stick get its name?

First¸ a shillelagh is a quite specific type of knotty walking stick. Initially called an Irish bata¸ or fighting stick¸ it takes its current name from the Shillelagh Forest in County Wicklow¸ Ireland¸ whose claim to fame was once its many massive oak trees. It is from these trees that the first shillelaghs were made.

Who is the 5th generation blackthorn stick maker?

Francis McCaffrey is a 5th Generation Blackthorn Stick maker having come from a long line of stick makers in Ireland.