What is i100 in sun?

What is i100 in sun?

i100 – 3 days unlimited internet. i250 – unlimited internet for seven days. i999 – unlimited internet for 30 days. After choosing your preferred surfing usage, for example i50 (for unlimited one day internet), just send it to 247 (wait for text confirmation).

How do I register Giga surf 99 sun?

If you are a Sun customer, get Giga Surf 99 by texting GIGA99 to 247.

How do I register for TU 200?

Make sure that you have enough regular load preferably above Php 200. If you want to convert it to TU200 to enjoy the offer, all you need to do is text TU200 and sent it to 247. Alternatively, you can simply go straight to any xpressload centers which can be found normally in Sari-Sari stores nationwide.

How do I register for Sun Giga?

To register, just dial *123#. For more promos, visit our website at Hope this helps! May unli call ba ang giga work 100pesos?

Is Giga Surf Unlimited?

For a complete package, subscribers can opt for Giga Video+ Allnet offers to get unlimited calls and texts to all networks together with their open access data and up to 1GB or one hour of Video Every Day for the duration of the promo.

Does Giga Video 99 has UNLI text?

Moreover, it also comes with unlimited texts to all networks anymore. There is also GIGA VIDEO 99 with 2GB of open access data for 7 days plus 2GB per day of Video Every Day.

Where do I send my TU200 in the sun?

Subscriber can load TU200 via Sun XpressLoad, call cards or by converting their Sun Regular Load by texting TU200 to 247. There is no limit to how many times a subscriber can avail the promo.

Which is the best Sun cellular internet plan?

For instance, the occasional surfers need only subscribe to Budget Surf, while the heavy users will find the Unlimited Surf 899 the most economical choice for a 1-month Internet access. What’s your experience with Sun Cellular’s Internet offerings?

What are the promos for Sun cellular prepaid?

Sun Cellular Prepaid offers not only affordable unli call and text promos, but also a variety of affordable internet or mobile data promos. Sun Internet promos include NON-STOP SURF, iBundles, SURF NET MEGA, UNLIMITED SURF LOADS, TOP-APPS, Internet Data Volume Offers, Sulit Surf Plus and many more.

When did Sun Cellular offer unlimited text and call?

Whether you love to text your friends or post your selfies on Facebook, there’s always a Sun Cellular promo for your every need. Sun Cellular was established in 2000 by Digitel, which was later bought by PLDT. Do you know that Sun Cellular introduced the unlimited text and call promos that are so prevalent nowadays?

How to get unlimited surf on Sun Cellular?

Their nationwide coverage now includes over 100 provinces. If you want to try Unlimited Surf 100, simply text the keyword Unli100 to 247. Sun Cellular also offers several more subscriptions to cater to consumers with different budgets for Internet consumption.