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What is Hardie shake?

What is Hardie shake?

HardieShingle® siding is fiber-cement shingle siding for sidewall applications. HardieShingle siding is available as straight-edge panels or staggered-edge panels 48 in. long by 16 in high. The ColorPlus coating is a factory applied, oven-baked finish available on a variety of James Hardie siding and trim products.

What is Hardie shake made of?

Fiber cement siding A man-made material, fiber cement is composed of Portland cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. It is a great choice for homeowners who want both curb appeal and enduring results. The most popular fiber cement siding is James Hardie® siding, also called Hardie Board.

How many Hardie shakes are in a square?

Pieces needed for one square (100sq. ft.) of product coverage = approximately 43, based on maximum 7″ exposure. 16″ or 24″ o.c.

What does Hardie shake weigh?

Hardieplank weighs 2.3 lbs per square foot. That is about the same weight as 5/8″ thick Sheetrock. Hardieplank is installed on load-bearing walls. It has been installed on over 8.5 million homes and the weight of the product has never been an issue.

How do I calculate how much Hardie siding I need?

To find the area of a triangle, multiply the height of the triangle by the length of the longest side, then divide by two. Once you know the area for each section, add all of the areas together to determine the total square footage of your home’s exterior.

Is Hardie Plank better than wood?

Hardie® siding is available in a texture that has the classic, natural appearance of cedar, while providing you with more benefits. Unlike wood, James Hardie fiber cement is specifically formulated to better resist the damaging effects of sun, moisture, extreme temperatures, pests, and fire.

Is Hardie board cheaper than wood?

Cost. Neither wood siding or fiber cement are the cheapest options in home siding. Fiber cement generally costs slightly more than vinyl siding, at $3 to $4 per square foot for materials. You will need to paint or stain cedar siding every 3-5 years, and periodically repair or replace the shingles or panels.

What is the average cost of Hardie board siding?

On average, Hardie board siding costs $10 per square foot — so, for example, a 1,200-square-foot exterior wall would cost around $12,000 to install.

How much does a pallet of Hardie plank weight?

Primed HardiePlank Siding Specifications

Weight 2.40 lbs. per square foot
Length 144-in
Width 8-1/4-in
Exposure 5-in
Pcs./Pallet 280 ColorPlus, 308 Primed