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What is family filter on Dailymotion?

What is family filter on Dailymotion?

Dailymotion has set up a parental filter which provides an additional level of protection for our most vulnerable audiences. This feature is enabled by default and blocks access to content subject to an age restriction put in place by the uploader or by our moderators on the basis of the reports they receive.

How do I bypass YouTube age restriction on IPAD?

Tap “Settings.” 3. iPhone users should toggle off the “Restricted Mode” option. Android users should select “General” and then toggle the “Restricted Mode” option off.

How do I get rid of age restricted video based on community guidelines?

To turn off Safety Mode, go to YouTube the homepage and click your profile icon at the top of the screen. Go to the bottom of the drop-down menu. The last item is “Restricted Mode: On.” Click the box and select the “Restricted Mode: Off” option.

How can I watch age restricted YouTube videos?

You can watch age restricted YouTube videos just by making some tweaks in the video URL. Once you click on the video, click on the URL. All you have to do here is delete the watch? and replace the ‘=’ with ‘/’. Now click on go and you’re done!

How can I watch age restricted videos on YouTube without logging in?

Watch age-restricted video without logging in All you need to do is to alter the URL a little. For example, in the restricted video ‘

How do I take restrictions off my iPad?

Navigate to Settings, Security and toggle off Unknown sources. This will stop the downloading of apps or updates from unrecognized sources, which can help prevent apps from installing without permission on Android.

Why do I need to verify my age on YouTube?

Why do I have to verify my age on YouTube? YouTube users now have to verify their age on YouTube to prove that they are old enough for the content. Towards the end of 2020, YouTube announced that it would be “using technology to more consistently apply age restrictions.”

How can I watch age-restricted videos on YouTube without 2021?

Let’s take a look.

  1. Two Tools to Watch NSFW YouTube Videos. There are a couple of websites that let you watch age-restricted YouTube videos without signing in.
  2. Try the Invidious YouTube Client. Next up, try the alternative YouTube browser client Invidious.
  3. Install a New YouTube App.
  4. Hack the YouTube URL.