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What is Diablo mean in English?

What is Diablo mean in English?

noun, plural di·ab·los. Spanish for “devil.” adjective. diable: recipes for salsa diablo.

What does Diablo mean in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rican Slang.. ¡Ea diablo! – Literally, “Oh, devil”.

What does Diablo mean in Latin?

English word diablo comes through Latin diabolus (devil) from Ancient Greek διάβολος (diábolos – slanderer, devil), which derives from the word διαβάλλω (I slander) – a combinatin of διά (diá – “through”) with βάλλω (bállō – “I throw”)

Where does the word Diablo come from?

Origin of diablo French diable (“devil” ), from Old French.

What does Diablo mean in food?

What does “diablo” mean? In simple terms, it’s a combination of spicy or zesty ingredients that take a dish to new flavor heights. Have one devilish taste of this easy Shrimp Diablo recipe and you’ll be a believer.

Is Diablo a bad word?

Is Diablo a bad word? Diabolical is related to the Spanish word diablo, which means “devil.” In many religions and mythologies, you can’t get any more evil than a devil, so diabolical is a powerful term, stronger than even despicable, which is another strong word for things that are hateful.

What is the full meaning of El Diablo?

the devil. More meanings for el diablo. the devil noun.

Why is Yay called El Diablo?

While “El Diablo” translates to “the devil” and strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies, yay’s gamertag doesn’t exactly have the same effect. According to yay, his nickname was brought about to insight the exact opposite. “When I used to play, a lot of people thought that I cheated at the game,” yay said.

What does diabolo mean in French?

1. (= jeu) diabolo. 2. (= boisson) lemonade and fruit cordial.

What is the Greek meaning of devil?

Diabolos (διάβολος), a Greek word often translated as Devil, may refer to: Diabolos (Gackt album), 2005.

What is Diablo sauce at Taco Bell?

Diablo, which means “devil” in Spanish, is set to debut on May 5, otherwise known as “Cinco de Mayo.” According to Taco Bell spokeswoman Ashley Sioson, Diablo is made from aji panca, chipotle and chili peppers. It will join Taco Bell’s other hot sauce packets — Verde, Mild, Hot and Fire.

Who is Diablo slime?

Diablo is one of the main protagonists of That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime. He is one of the seven Demon Primordials, serving as the origin for the “black” demons. Originally a powerful archdemon, he was summoned by Rimuru, whom he pledges his loyalty to, evolving into a demon duke after being named.

What is the meaning of the word moult?

vb (Zoology) (of birds, mammals, reptiles, and arthropods) to shed (feathers, hair, skin, or cuticle) (Zoology) the periodic process of moulting. See also ecdysis 1. to cast or shed the feathers, skin, or the like, in the process of renewal or growth. 2. to cast or shed (feathers, skin, etc.) in the process of renewal.

What is the meaning of the word Diablo?

diablo. A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house). Noun. 1. (general) a. devil. pobre diablo poor devil. tener el diablo en el cuerpo, ser la piel del diablo to be a little devil. mandar al diablo a alguien to send somebody packing.

Where does Diablo in Diablo go to Hell?

diablo vete al diablo go to hell donde el diablo perdió el poncho in the middle of nowhere Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por dia With age comes wisdom. donde el diablo dejó la chancleta in the middle of nowhere irse al diablo to go to hell

Where does the world of Diablo take place?

Set in the fictional Kingdom of Khanduras, located in the world of Sanctuary, Diablo has the player take control of a lone hero battling to rid the world of Diablo, the Lord of Terror. Beneath the town of Tristram, the player journeys through sixteen dungeon levels,…