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What is D3O made of?

What is D3O made of?

Protective equipment made with D3O (orange) has an outer surface made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a type of plastic. TPU helps to spread the impact across the surface, and then D3O hardens and absorbs the shock from the impact.

What is D3O armor?

D3O® is the number one choice for motorcycle body armour and protective gear that delivers outstanding impact protection, comfort and flexibility. From MotoGP, to off-road and the street, our innovative range of CE Level 1 and Level 2 certified products are trusted and sold worldwide by leading motorcycle brands.

Can D30 stop a knife?

Stab proof vests are resistant to penetration from edged weapons such as knives and other sharp objects, such as broken bottles.

What level is d30 armor?

The D3O T5 EVO X armored pads are CE-certified as Level-1 limb armor under EN1621-1:2012, which is the corresponding CE standard for motorcyclists’ limb armor comprising the knees, elbows, shoulders and hips.

Can you cut d30 armor?

The D3O isn’t too easy to cut, though mostly due to its thickness. Keep any large-enough leftover pieces. You can use two to make another set of custom motorcycle hip armor for casual riding pants. Similarly, you can even use it as a tailbone protector for some hardcore riding pants.

Can a bulletproof vest stop an arrow?

Kevlar doesn’t protect against pointed impact weapons like knives and arrows. This is because Kevlar is actually a synthetic fiber that and a bullet-proof vest is made up of several layers of Kevlar and plating.

Where does the company D3O get its materials from?

It comprises a portfolio of more than 30 technologies and materials including set foams, formable foams, set elastomers and formable elastomers. The company D3O is a fast-growth engineering, design and technology-focused SME based in London, UK, with offices in China and the US.

What do you need to know about the D3O formula?

D3O ® is found in helmets, gloves and other protective gear used around the world by soldiers, professional athletes, industrial workers and motorcyclists. The D3O ® Formula. D3O ® offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against impact.

Why was D3O awarded to the UK Ministry of Defence?

In 2009, the UK Ministry of Defence awarded D3O Lab £100,000 to fit helmets in order to reduce the kinetic energy of a bullet or shrapnel on impact, because of its moldable properties.

When did D3O first enter the motorcycle market?

D3O® first entered the motorcycle market in 2009 when the ingredient was incorporated into CE-certified armour for apparel brand Firstgear. Philip Green left D3O in 2006, and in 2009 founder Richard Palmer brought in Stuart Sawyer as interim CEO.