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What is content based communication?

What is content based communication?

A content-based network is a novel communication infrastructure in which the flow of messages through the network is driven by the content of the messages, rather than by explicit addresses assigned by senders and attached to the messages.

What is content teacher?

Content teachers focus primarily on helping students develop critical thinking skills by acquiring, synthesizing, and applying content knowledge.

What are the basic principles of content based instruction?

According to Richards and Rodgers (2001), CBI is based on two relevant principles: (1) People learn a second language more successfully when they use the language as a means of acquiring infor- mation, rather than as an end in itself. (2) CBI better reflects learners’ needs for learning a second language.

Why is it important to know content based approach?

What are the advantages of content-based instruction? It can make learning a language more interesting and motivating. Students can use the language to fulfil a real purpose, which can make students both more independent and confident.

What are the benefits of content based instruction?

What does content area mean?

Content area reading is most simply, reading to learn. It encompasses all the skills and abilities required for a student to read the complex, informational text found typically in Social Studies, Science, and Math.

What is content in a lesson plan?

Content knowledge generally refers to the facts, concepts, theories, and principles that are taught and learned in specific academic courses, rather than to related skills—such as reading, writing, or researching—that students also learn in school.

What are the characteristics of content based instruction?

One of the main characteristics of the CBI class- room is that it is learner-centered, not teacher-centered. Students do not depend on the teacher to control the learning experience. Students play a more active role in the CBI classroom, creating and participating actively in the construction of knowledge.

What is the purpose of a content based syllabus?

Definition The content-based syllabus is the teaching of content or information in the language being learned with little or no direct to teach the language itself separately from the content being taught ( Nunan 1988) This syllabus is designed when the purpose is to teach some content or information in a language that students are also learning.

Which is an example of content based learning?

Content-based learning is an effective method for language instruction. In contrast to traditional language instruction, content-based learning focuses on topical and conceptual information rather than language.

What do I learn about product based syllabus, content?

Product-based syllabus design focuses on the end products or results of the teaching or learning process. This syllabus design is based on analysis of language as linguistic units.

What do I learn about process syllabus, content?

The process syllabus focused on the skills and knowledge that can be gained by students to communication and which students have to engage during communication. The “what” of this syllabus is not the “language” but it should be “learning a language”. Nunan (1988) described that process syllabus consists of 3 kinds of syllabus design.