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What is another word for stuff up?

What is another word for stuff up?

What is another word for stuff up?

botch mess up
mismanage misdirect
mishandle screw up
bungle spoil
fumble muck up

What does stuffed up mean in Australia?

Filters. (UK, Australia) To make a big mistake. The reason we lost the match is due to the goalkeeper stuffing up.

What are some examples of stuff?

Stuff is what people or things are made of, general matter or objects. An example of stuff is a bag full of groceries. An example of stuff is a man’s character. To stuff is defined as to fill the interior, overfill or overload.

What does it mean to tell someone to stuff it?

informal. —used as an angry and rude way to say that one does not want something or is not interested in something When they offered me the job I told them they could stuff it.

What does stuff you mean?

A rude and angry expression of disgust or dissatisfaction with someone or something, especially indicating that one doesn’t want to be associated with the person or do the thing in question.

What does being stuffed up mean?

If you are stuffed up, your nose is blocked with mucus, usually because you have a cold: He sounds all stuffed up – is he all right?

Is it correct to say stuffs?

“Stuffs” as a noun is incorrect. The reason it is different from other collective nouns is because it is also a mass noun. Words like rice, water, smoke, and cement are all mass nouns (or uncountable nouns). You could say “several piles of stuff” to make it plural, but not “several stuffs.”

What is the full form of stuff?

Small Things Used Fairly Frequently. Miscellaneous.

What does it mean to shove it?

US, informal + impolite. —used to say that one will not accept or do something They can take their suggestion and shove it.

What does Stiff mean in a relationship?

When a person is stiff, they are artificial and unrelaxed — unless they’re “scared stiff” or “bored stiff.” A regular guy is a working stiff. Another colloquial meaning of stiff is “to underpay, or to cheat.” Also, a stiff drink has a lot of alcohol.

Can I say stuffs?

What is the meaning of the idiom ” stuff up “?

to force something upward or up into something. He tried to hide the book by stuffing it up the chimney. Sam stuffed the money he found up the downspout, where he thought no one would find it.

Which is the best definition of the word stuff?

1. the material of which anything is made. 2. material to be worked upon or to be used in making something. 3. material, objects, or items of some unspecified kind. 4. property, as personal belongings or equipment. 5. something to be swallowed, as food, drink, or medicine.

What is the meaning of the pronoun stuff up?

To pack or shove something into an opening in order to plug it. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “stuff” and “up.” We’ve been using rags to stuff up the leaks, but I don’t know if it will be enough before we reach shore.