What is accounting CPE?

What is accounting CPE?

CPE is required for CPAs to maintain their professional competence and provide quality professional services. Our high-quality CPE helps you maintain your professional competency to provide quality professional services. …

How do I renew my NC CPA license?

All active North Carolina CPAs are required to renew their certificates annually prior to July 1. To renew a certificate, the licensee must submit a properly completed certificate renewal application form that shows the number of CPE hours completed in the previous calendar year and the annual renewal fee of $60.00.

WHO issues CPA license?

state board of accountancy
A CPA is a certified public accountant who is licensed by a state board of accountancy.

How many CPE credits do you need?

California CPAs must complete 80 hours of CPE every 2 years including at least: At least 4 Ethics. At least 40 in Technical Fields of Study.

Is the CPE select pass available to ncacpa members?

*The CPE Select pass is available only for NCACPA members and the price is applicable for an individual user. The pass includes access to on demand programs and webinars, but excludes webcasts, “hot topic” webinars, and on demand Ethics programming.

How many CPE hours do you need to be a CPA in NC?

As a requirement for continued licensure, the Board requires all active CPAs to complete a specific number of CPE hours, including at least two hours of regulatory or behavioral professional ethics and conduct. [21 NCAC 08G .0410] by December 31 of each year.

What does ncacpa’s CPA lead certificate program do?

Designed for newly licensed CPAs*, NCACPA’s new CPA LEAD Certificate program aims to build competency, leadership skills, and improve your marketability within the profession.

Who is the CPE specialist for North Carolina?

Cammie Emery, Specialist, (919) 733-1423 (initial and renewal CPA firm registrations, CPE, and peer review) 2020 CPE Infographic (overview of CPE requirements as of October 2020)