What is aa Smartfuel?

What is aa Smartfuel?

The AA Smartfuel app for iOS and Android allows you to keep track of your balance, savings to date, recent transactions, discounts due to expire and much more! And now you can also choose to turn your AA Smartfuel discounts into other rewards, instantly through the app.

Where did aa Smartfuel come from?

Started as a pilot in Palmerston North by local entrepreneur Scott Fitchett and business partner Ian Sutcliffe in 2010, the innovative rewards programme joined forces with the NZ Automobile Association in 2011 to become AA Smartfuel and is now a true NZ start-up success story.

How do you use AA Smartfuel?

Swipe your AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card at any participating service station when you go to purchase fuel, and request to redeem your discounts. This will provide the service station with your accumulated discounts, which will then be deducted from each litre of fuel you purchase (up to 50 litres).

Can I use my AA card at Countdown?

Swipe your new AA Membership card in-store at Countdown to activate. Yes – simply use your new combined Onecard/AA Smartfuel card at a participating AA Smartfuel partner site, spend a minimum of $40 on fuel, and you’ll automatically get a 6 cent per litre discount – no spend at Countdown required.

Does Caltex do AA Smart Fuel?

AA Smartfuel have decided to end the agreement with Caltex; therefore, Caltex will no longer be part of the AA Smartfuel programme after 31 July 2019. From 1 August 2019, we’ll be offering our customers the Pumped loyalty offer instead.

Where can I use Smartfuel?

AA Smartfuel Retailers

  • 100% Appliances *
  • AA Approved Repairers *
  • AA Auto Centre.
  • AA Battery Service.
  • AA Money.
  • AA Travel Insurance.
  • Accommodation – book direct.
  • ASB.

How do I get discount at Caltex?

Pumped gives you fuel discounts every time you visit Caltex and scan your Flybuys or Airpoints™ card with no minimum spend. Plus, you can still earn your Flybuys or Airpoints Dollars™. You can also choose to stack your discount when you spend $40 or more so you’ll get an even bigger discount next time.

How do I get a new AA card?

AA Members If you’ve lost your AA Membership card, you can order a replacement here. Alternatively, you can call 0800 500 444 to request a replacement card – this will be posted to you.

Does Caltex do AA Smart fuel?

Can you combine Onecards?

Yes – you can get fuel discounts by using your combined Onecard/AA Smartfuel card at a participating AA Smartfuel partner site, spend a minimum of $40 on fuel, and you’ll automatically get a 6 cent per litre discount – no spend at Countdown required.

How do I get a new Onecard?

If your Onecard has been lost or stolen (and you have registered it) you can replace it by picking up an unregistered Onecard in-store (New Onecard) and register it on your Onecard account.

How do I get Caltex fuel discount?

How much fuel can you get with AA Smartfuel?

Motorists can use AA Smartfuel to get a maximum of 50 litres of free fuel each time they fill up. 1. Key points of the AA Smartfuel programme Max 50 litre fill in a single transaction (average fill in New Zealand 30 – 32 litres).

Can you link multiple AA Smartfuel cards together?

You can link multiple cards to the same AA Smartfuel account. So you and your family can accumulate fuel savings together. Then you can cash in your combined savings at the pump. Save even more with the latest fuel offers. Our retailers regularly have special fuel offers.

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