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What is a well adjusted personality?

What is a well adjusted personality?

Colloquially, being well-adjusted is defined as a person who “is reasonable and has good judgement… A well-adjusted person will acknowledge others’ weaknesses but not actively search for faults. Flexibility to respond to and accommodate for changes in the environment.

What do well adjusted mean?

: able to deal with other people in a normal or healthy way. See the full definition for well-adjusted in the English Language Learners Dictionary. well-adjusted. adjective. well-ad·​just·​ed | \ (ˈ)wel-ə-ˈjəs-təd \

What’s another word for well adjusted?

What is another word for well-adjusted?

sane stable
coherent whole
in possession of all your faculties able to reason clearly
in one’s right mind able to think clearly
well balanced mentally healthy

What does well adjusted child mean?

Mentally or emotionally stable; not troubled or distressed.

What does well adjusted adult mean?

A well-adjusted person has a mature personality and can control their emotions and deal with problems without becoming anxious.

How would you describe a person who has a well balanced personality?

If you describe someone as well-balanced, you mean that they are sensible and do not have many emotional problems. a fun-loving, well-balanced individual.

What are the characteristics of well adjusted person?

Characteristics of a well adjusted person:

  • Maturity in thinking.
  • Emotional balance.
  • Warm and understanding towards others.
  • Free from tension due to routine events.
  • Independent in decision making.

What’s the opposite of well-adjusted?

What is the opposite of well-adjusted?

erratic irrational
neurotic unbalanced
unreasonable unsound
unstable volatile

What does it mean to adjust yourself?

noun. adjustment of oneself or itself, as to the environment. the process of resolving one’s problems or reactions to stress without outside intervention.

What makes a child healthy happy and well adjusted?

There are actually a number of different things that lead your child to be happy as well as being better adjusted within the world. Some of these include developing confidence and autonomy, consistency and strong relationships among others.

What’s the opposite of well adjusted?

What does well-balanced mean?

1 : nicely or evenly balanced, arranged, or regulated a well-balanced diet a well-balanced attack in football. 2 : emotionally or psychologically untroubled.