What is a Schedule B number in shipping?

What is a Schedule B number in shipping?

The Schedule B is a 10 digit international export code for exporting goods out of the United States (U.S). The Schedule B which is administered by the United States Census Bureau is used to track the amount of trade goods that are being exported from the U.S.

How do I find a Schedule B number?

You can find your Schedule B number using the free online Schedule B Search accessible through If you need export classification assistance, email [email protected] or call 1-800-549-0595, Menu Option #2.

How do I find my harmonization code?

The HS code for your product will be listed on the commercial invoice a buyer receives with their order. It may be used to classify products upon export and to calculate applicable taxes and duties upon import.

What is Schedule B HTS number?

A Schedule B number is a 10-digit code used in the U.S. to classify physical goods for export to another country. An HTS number is a 10-digit code used to classify physical goods imported into the U.S. from another country.

How many digits is a Schedule B number?

Schedule B numbers are 10-digit statistical classification codes for all domestic and foreign goods being exported from the United States.

How do you classify HTS codes?

Global and U.S. HTS Codes have four components, which are identified by the green numerals beneath the digits:

  1. Chapter: In this example, 66 is the chapter.
  2. Heading: In this example, 6603 is the heading.
  3. Subheading: 6603.20 is the subheading.
  4. Extra digits: 6603.20.

Who is responsible for HTS codes?

HTS codes are a global tool. The World Customs Organization (WCO) maintains the Harmonized Tariff Description and Coding Schedule (HTS). Over 170 countries participate in WCO’s HTS system.

Can you use HTS codes in place of Schedule B codes?

You cannot use Schedule B codes in place of HTS codes for import classifications. You can look up Schedule B Codes here using the Census Bureau’s search tool: Some exporters prefer not to include an HS code on their commercial invoices.

What is the Harmonized Tariff Schedule ( HTS ) code?

Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) Code. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule code is a 10-digit import classification system that is specific to the United States. HTS codes, also called HTS numbers, are administered by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC).

Which is the first four digits of the HTS code?

The 4-digit group is the first four digits (AABB). The 6-digit group is the first six digits (AABBCC). They are similar to 10-digit Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) codes (the import codes) in that the groups are the same up to the 6-digit level.

What do the Schedule B and HS numbers mean?

Schedule B Numbers are used to classify exported products in the United States and are based on the international HS system. HS numbers and Schedule B numbers will be the same up to the first 6 digits as the importing country’s classification code. Exporters need to know their product’s Schedule B and HS numbers for the following reasons: 1.