What is a Logitech Squeezebox?

What is a Logitech Squeezebox?

Logitech Squeezebox Radio (BLACK) brings a world of music-free Internet radio, subscription services, or your personal digital music collection – to any space in your home, over your Wi-Fi network.

What instrument is called a squeeze box?

The term squeezebox (also squeeze box, squeeze-box) is a colloquial expression referring to any musical instrument of the general class of hand-held bellows-driven free reed aerophones such as the accordion and the concertina. The flutina is an early precursor to the diatonic button accordion.

What is Jivelite?

Jivelite is a visualization software for controlling the squeezebox playback. With this extension an easy to use and customizable user interface can be displayed via HDMI connection to any screen. As soon as the extension has been integrated and installed, it can be turned on and off through the web interface.

Is Logitech Media Server still supported?

Logitech Media Server is free software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. While no longer distributed in conjunction with any Logitech hardware product, LMS continues to be developed.

How much is a squeezebox?

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Does Logitech Squeezebox have Bluetooth?

They also feature Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to wirelessly stream music right off a cell phone or laptop.

Is there another name for a squeeze box?

Squeezebox Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for squeezebox?

accordion concertina
musical instrument stomach Steinway

Are there any third party apps for Squeezebox Radio?

Starting with Release 7.6.0, apps created by third party app developers and not Logitech are available to install on your Squeezebox Radio or Touch. You just need to connect your Radio or Touch to the Internet to install most of the 3rd Party Apps.

Is there an app for Logitech Squeezebox Touch?

You can just load Squeezelite or SqueezePlay on them and be in business. I control the Touch using either iPeng or OrangeSqueeze. The original SB app is okay on a tablet, but the 3rd party apps are superior, if you ask me. The experience on a 7 inch or larger tablet is certainly superior to that of the Touch.

Where can I find forums for my Squeezebox?

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Welcome to the Slim Devices forums. Simplified instructions for… Touch cannot wirelessly… Unable to add a used Boom to… The one place to discuss the one Squeezebox to control them all…

Is there a way to wirelessly control a squeezebox?

Simplified instructions for… Touch cannot wirelessly… Unable to add a used Boom to… The one place to discuss the one Squeezebox to control them all… Squeezebox Duet, and Squeezebox Controller & Squeezebox Receiver too.