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What is a litter theme?

What is a litter theme?

What is a litter theme? A litter theme is a nice way of linking all the puppies from the litter together even after they go to their new homes. In most cases we use the litter theme to pick the registered name for our puppies that we keep for show.

How do you entertain a litter of puppies?

What else can you do?

  1. Acclimate puppies to crates and playpens, leaving them with a “puppy pal” (soft toy to cuddle with) and proper chew toys.
  2. Allow pups to investigate in the yard, teaching them to walk up and down a stair or two as opposed to carrying them in and out.
  3. Take the pups out in the rain.

How do you name a puppy litter?

All the puppies in a litter are given a name that starts with the same letter. The litters are named alphabetically. We begin with A on October 1st, the beginning of our fiscal year. Then each puppy in the next litter gets a name that begins with B, and all the way through to the “Z” litter, when we start over again.

What should I do if my dog has a litter?

Within the first 48 hours, you should schedule a veterinarian visit. The vet should check the mother to make sure she is okay, and also check the puppies to make sure there are no problems or abnormalities. After this, you should make sure to have the puppies seen regularly by the vet.

What are the parent dogs names in 101 Dalmatians?

Animated Movie. In the animated adaptation of the book, Pongo and Perdita were the parents of the fifteen puppies. Patch – A noisy and rowdy pup, often seen chewing on the carpet. He is the most verbal pup in the animated films.

Do all 101 Dalmatians have names?

Dodie Smith, the author who wrote the book that inspired the film, actually had nine dalmatians–one of which, was named Pongo. Only 6 of Perdita and Pongo’s 15 puppies have names. Even though Perdita gave birth to 15 puppies, the only names noted in the film were: Lucky, Rolly, Patch, Penny, Pepper, and Freckles.

What is the best way to keep a litter of puppies clean?

How to Keep Puppy Bedding Clean

  1. Cleaning Towel, Newspaper, or Blanket Bedding. Take the puppies out of their bedding and put them in a basket or pen lined with old towels.
  2. Cleaning Wood Shaving or Shredded Paper Bedding.
  3. Weekly Cleaning.

What should I put down for my puppy?

Sand, wood chips or even flat-laid newspaper are good choices. Healthy dogs won’t sleep in a soiled area, and many puppies learn quickly where to pee and poo.

Can I touch my dogs puppies?

When can you handle newborn puppies? You can touch handle puppies 3 weeks after they are born. You should not really touch them before this age unless you really have to. Be careful though, as some mothers can be aggressive particularly it held when being nursed.