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What is a Grade 1 AC shoulder injury?

What is a Grade 1 AC shoulder injury?

Grade 1—Involves stretching/spraining of the joint covering (capsule), with no damage to ligaments connecting the shoulder blade (scapula) and collar bone (clavicle). There may be swelling over the joint but the bump is not permanent. Pain typically lasts for 2-4 weeks, but can be easily reaggravated.

What movement does the acromioclavicular joint allow?

The AC joint is a plane type synovial joint, which under normal physiological conditions allows only gliding movement. As it attaches the scapula to the thorax, it allows an additional range of motion to the scapula and assists in arm movement such as shoulder abduction and flexion.

What limits shoulder flexion?

Muscles that can limit shoulder flexion are: Pectoralis Major/Minor. Teres Major. Latissimus Dorsi.

How many degrees of freedom does the acromioclavicular joint have?

The AC joint is a plane synovial joint comprised of the acromial process of the scapula and the lateral end of the clavicle. A fibrous capsule surrounds the joint and there may be a fibrocartilaginous intra-articular disc. The joint has 3 degrees of freedom with 5-8 degrees rotation.

What is the fastest way to heal an AC joint?

Treatment for AC joint sprain

  1. Rest. This allows your shoulder to heal.
  2. Sling. This protects the shoulder and holds the joint in a good position for healing.
  3. Cold packs. These help reduce swelling and relieve pain.
  4. Prescription or over-the-counter pain medicines.
  5. Arm and shoulder exercises.

Will AC joint heal its own?

Depending on how severe the injury is, it may heal adequately in two to three weeks. In severe cases, the shoulder may not heal without surgery.

Is AC joint Same as rotator cuff?

The shoulder joint is the connection between the bone in the arm and the shoulder blade. There actually is another joint in the shoulder too, called the AC joint, which unites the collarbone and the shoulder blade. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and the tendons that attach these muscles to the arm bone.

What exercises can I do with AC joint injury?

Rest includes avoiding overhead reaching, reaching across the chest, lifting, leaning on the elbows, and sleeping directly on the shoulder. Range-of-motion exercises are recommended as soon as they can be tolerated. Range-of-motion exercises — Range-of-motion exercises are recommended early in the recovery period.

How do you increase shoulder flexion?

Shoulder flexion: Stand and hold a weight in the hand of your injured shoulder. Keep your arm straight and slowly raise your arm over your head as far as you can without pain. Do not raise your arm over your head unless your healthcare provider says it is okay. Do not let your shoulder shrug.

How long does an AC joint take to heal?

An AC sprain will take up to 6 weeks or longer to heal, depending on how severe it is. It is often treated with a sling. Or a sling and an elastic wrap around the chest may be used. Physical therapy may be needed to help the shoulder keep full range of motion.

Where is the acromioclavicular joint located in the shoulder?

The Acromioclavicular Joint, or AC Joint, is one of four joints that compride the Shoulder complex. The AC Joint is formed by the junction of the lateral clavicle and the acromion process of the scapula and is a gliding, or plane style synovial joint.

Is the AC joint a diarthrodical or synovial joint?

Both the superior and anterior translation of the humeral head during movements are the leading biomechanical causes for impingement syndrome. The AC joint is a diarthrodial and synovial joint.

What are the most common AC joint problems?

AC Joint Problems 1 The most common conditions of the acromioclavicular joint are arthritis, fractures and separations. 2 Acromioclavicular joint wear and tear is common among weight lifters. 3 Treatment for AC joint problems ranges from non-operative to surgical procedures depending on the type of injury. More

When does the closed packed position of the AC joint occur?

The closed packed position of the AC Joint occurs when the Glenohumeral Joint is abducted to 90 degrees.