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What is a biofuel generator?

What is a biofuel generator?

The Biofuel Generator is a machine added by Industrial Foregoing. It generates power when provided with Biofuel from the Bioreactor. Biofuel will produce 160RF/t, with one bucket (1,000 mB) of biofuel producing a total of 640,000 RF.

Is biofuel clean energy?

Biodiesel is a liquid fuel produced from renewable sources, such as new and used vegetable oils and animal fats and is a cleaner-burning replacement for petroleum-based diesel fuel. Biodiesel is nontoxic and biodegradable and is produced by combining alcohol with vegetable oil, animal fat, or recycled cooking grease.

Does the Infinity drill need biofuel?

Infinity drill free to use with any amount of biofuel inside.

What does biofuel do for the Infinity drill?

Biofuel is created in a Bioreactor from seeds, saplings, crops, and dyes. Biofuel can be used to generate power in the Biofuel Generator. It will inflict Speed and Haste status effects if it is consumed with a Straw. Entities will be inflicted with Haste while touching Biofuel.

What can you do with buckets of biofuel?

However, when used in a Combustion Engine to power a Magma Crucible drawing Cobblestone from an Igneous Extruder and sending Lava to a Thermal Generator, a single bucket of Biofuel can produce 300,000 EU; replacing the Cobblestone with Netherrack can yield 500,000 EU per bucket.

How is biofuel used in a combustion engine?

Biofuel can be used to power Combustion Engines. Provides 5 MJ /t for 40,000 ticks (per bucket), giving it 33% the energy density of Fuel (6 MJ/t for 100,000 ticks) but 400% the energy density of Biomass (5MJ/t for 10,000 ticks in a Biogas Engine).

How much biomass can be converted to biofuel?

A Still, however, converts 50,000 MJ worth of Biomass into 60,000 MJ worth of Biofuel, yielding a net gain even when accounting for the energy required to run the Still. If the goal is EU rather than MJ, Biofuel can also be used in a Bio Generator for 32,000 EU at 16 EU/t (per bucket).