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What happened with Edison Chen?

What happened with Edison Chen?

Personal life. In 2015, Chen went into a relationship with Chinese model and actress Qin Shupei. In August 2017, Chen confirmed the birth of his daughter, Alaia. As of 2021, Chen currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife and daughter.

Is Edison Chen rich?

Edison Chen Net Worth: Edison Chen is a Hong Kong-Canadian actor, producer, musician and fashion designer who has a net worth of $45 million. Edison Chen was born October 7, 1980 in Vancouver, Canada….Edison Chen Net Worth.

Net Worth: $45 Million
Date of Birth: Oct 7, 1980 (40 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)

How old is Edison Chen?

40 years (October 7, 1980)
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How tall is Edison Chen?

1.78 m
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Does Olivia marry Edison?

Edison was engaged to Olivia. They lived together in Georgetown from 2002 to 2006. They began seeing each other again years later. Their relationship grows rocky as she refuses to open up to Edison about her past relationships.

Who is the owner of clot?

Kevin Poon
He also launched JUICE, an international retailer with outlets across Asia including Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei….A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

Kevin Poon
Born Hong Kong
Occupation Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Event Organizer
Known for CLOT, JUICE

Where was Edison Chen born?

Vancouver, Canada
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Who owns juice store?

Founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, the brand has collaborated with the likes of Nike, visvim, fragment design, Coca-Cola, Stüssy, Medicom Toy and more.

When was Clot founded?

CLOT is a lifestyle brand established in 2003 by founders Edison Chen and Kevin Poon. Since 2003 the company has built a reputation from selling lifestyle goods and launched its own line of products in 2004. CLOT also collaborates with many international brands including Disney, Converse and Nike among others.