What happened to Koko the dog?

What happened to Koko the dog?

Koko, the canine star of the film Red Dog, has died in Perth after a battle with congestive heart disease that was diagnosed earlier this year. The seven-year-old red cloud kelpie became one of Australia’s best-known canines when he starred in the film about a dog who united a Pilbara mining community in the 1970s.

What breed is Koko?

red kelpie
Key points: A new film has been released from the Red Dog franchise, telling the true story of Koko, the original film’s canine star. Koko’s breeders, Carol and Len Hobday, were inundated with requests for red kelpie puppies following the release of the first film.

How many dogs were used in the movie Red Dog?

Their animals are both pets and workers and include seven dogs, 15 horses (three Friesians were also used as the lead horse in Red Dog: True Blue), nine donkeys and numerous chooks and guinea fowl.

What is the true story of Red Dog?

Red Dog was based on Louis de Bernières’ best-selling true story of an Australian cattle dog who travelled through Western Australia in the search of his missing master in the 1970s. Koko: A Red Dog Story consists of original and personal footage, TV clippings, animated scenes and interviews with people who knew Koko.

How did Red Dog’s owner died?

With John, Red Dog traveled as far as Perth, Broome, Roebourne, Point Samson and Port Hedland. Following Stazzonelli’s death in 1975, Red Dog spent a lot of time traveling on his own. Although Red Dog was well liked, it is believed that he was deliberately poisoned in 1979 with strychnine.

How old was Coco Red Dog when he died?

7 years old
Koko died from heart failure on December 18 2012, in Perth, Western Australia. He was 7 years old.

How old was Koko the dog when he died?

Koko died from heart failure on December 18 2012, in Perth, Western Australia. He was 7 years old. The prequel, Red Dog: True Blue was dedicated to his memory.

How old was Red Dog when he died?

Red Dog (Pilbara)

Red Dog statue.
Other name(s) Bluey Dog of the Northwest
Sex Male
Born Tally Ho 1971 Paraburdoo, Western Australia
Died 21 November 1979 (aged 7–8) Karratha, Western Australia

Who poisoned Red Dog?

Red Dog was deliberately poisoned by strychnine in 1979. By then, the petty thief dog prone to unleashing anti-social farts was famous. He was a member of the Dampier Salts Sport and Social Club, and a member of the Transport Workers’ Union.

How long did Red Dog wait for John?

After three weeks, Red Dog decides to look for John, first at Hamersley Iron, then the bar and other places where John was known to go, until all of Dampier is explored. He continues across much of the Australian North West Pilbara region, from Perth to Darwin.

How much did Red Dog Cost?

Red Dog tells the true story of a kelpie that adopts a bus driver (Josh Lucas) and unites a mining community in Western Australia. It is both playful and fable-like. Its production budget is understood to be about A$8m-A$9m.

Who trained Red Dog?

Luke Hura
VICTORIAN Luke Hura has trained a star-studded menagerie for the small and silver screens, not the least being Koko, the red cloud Kelpie who portrayed the eponymous character in the widely acclaimed Australian film Red Dog.