What happened to Kat from Below Deck?

What happened to Kat from Below Deck?

Where is Kat from Below Deck now? After giving up yachting, Kat moved back to Rhode Island and worked as a waitress. Although she maintains a relatively low profile since quitting Below Deck, she revealed she was enrolling in nursing school in 2017 on Instagram.

Did Kat lose her job on Below Deck?

After working as Second Stewardess on the Honor and the Ohana, Kat left Below Deck after its second season, which aired in 2014. “After filming Season 2, I reached my six-year mark working in the yachting industry and also had my 30th birthday,” she told Bravo’s The Daily Dish the following year.

How much does Kat on Below Deck make?

Kat is Second Steward and Sam is Third Steward in the first season of Below Deck, and they’d earn around $50,000, depending on the size of the boat.

How old is Kat held?

37 years (June 21, 1984)
Kat Held/Age

Is below deck scripted?

Below Deck is an unscripted reality show following a yacht crew, but the Bravo TV series isn’t quite an accurate depiction of a yachtie’s real life.

Are Nico and Melissa still together?

Months after Season 5 finished filming, Nico did a video interview with Bravo in which he revealed whether he was still with his girlfriend. Just prior to the season premiering in September, Nico said that his relationship with Melissa was in fact getting more serious. “Yeah me and my girlfriend are together today.

Do guests on Below Deck get paid?

Yes, Guests Really Do Pay for the Charters Below Deck charters cost a pretty penny, and they are paid for by the charter guests, including that wad of cash they hand over for the crew’s tip. “They spend their real money to be on the show,” Cronin explained.

Was Kat drinking on Below Deck?

She confirmed she had anti-anxiety medication on Twitter too. However, she admitted she had been drinking during the season 1 reunion. “It was obvious I had been drinking,” she admitted. So I had to come up with something else and obviously medication is a great way to smooth something over.”

Where did Kat from below deck go to college?

Kat is from Rhode Island and started her career soon after going to college in-state, according to her Bravo bio. “Shortly after graduating from the University of Rhode Island, she gained an interest in discovering more of what the outside world has to offer,” the bio says.

What did Kate Chastain say about below deck?

Kate has stated via Twitter that it’s “one of the most difficult shows out there for cast members.”

Is there going to be season 8 of below deck?

With Below Deck embarking on its eighth season, it’s high time to check in with one of the original stars. Kat Held made a big impression on the Bravo reality show, so much so that she was one of the few cast members who returned for the second season.

When is the 100th episode of below deck?

Fans got a glimpse of Kat on Below Deck ’s 100th episode celebration on the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in January 2020, but here’s what else we know about the former reality star. What happened to Kat from ‘Below Deck’?