What happened in chapter 2 of the circuit?

What happened in chapter 2 of the circuit?

After his parents and Roberto come back for their lunch break, Panchito is by himself again. But this time he makes a big decision: he’s going to prove that he can pick cotton too. He’s all set to make his parents proud, which means we know that his parents are going to be seriously ticked off. And they are.

What is the theme of breaking through?

Belonging. Belonging is one of the central themes in “Breaking Through,” as Francisco wanted very much to belong with his peers all throughout high school.

Why is Francisco invited to the Rotary Club luncheon?

Francisco was invited to a luncheon at the Rotary Club, a setting he was not familiar with. Penny, a school counselor, encouraged Francisco to apply for college scholarships.

Where does breaking through take place?

“Breaking Through is the sequel to Francisco Jimenez’s acclaimed The Circuit. This second novel is based on Jimenez’s own life experience begins in Francisco’s fourteenth year with his deportation from Santa Maria, California, to Mexico.

What did Panchito do with his prize winning drawing of a butterfly?

Panchito’s first grade friend at Main Street School in Santa Maria. He was one of the boys that knew a little Spanish. Later they became friend and Panchito gave him his award winning Butterfly drawing.

What is Francisco’s first memory of la migra?

What is Francisco’s first memory of La Migra? What happens id La Migra does a raid of the Labor camps? Francisco’s first raid of La Migra was when he was playing marbles and someone started shouting La Migra. They started to take people away and most likely deport them back.

Why did Roberto and Francisco live alone?

Their younger siblings and parents stayed with Papa’s sister in Guadalajara, Mexico, until Roberto and Francisco could send enough money over time to bring everyone over. As Francisco and Roberto lived on their own they became more interested in American culture.

Why do you think that Roberto and Francisco spend so much time fixing up and decorating their home before their family arrives?

Why do you think Francisco and Roberto spend so much time fixing up the house? They spend so much fixing up the house because it has a long time since they left their family so they wanted the house to the look perfect for their first encounter in a long time.

Where is Francisco Jimenez now?

Short Biography Francisco Jiménez immigrated with his family to California from Tlaquepaque, Mexico, and as a child he worked in the fields of California. He is currently the Fay Boyle Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, and director of the Ethnic Studies Program at Santa Clara University.

How old is Francisco Jimenez?

About 78 years (1943)
Francisco Jiménez/Age

Francisco Jiménez (born June 29, 1943 in Tlaquepaque, Mexico) is a Mexican-American writer and professor at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California.

Why did Panchito move?

Workers that move from field to field picking crops. Panchito and his family traveled through out California to pick Strawberries, Cotton, grapes and Lettuce. Panchito and his family would travel from Santa Maria to Fresno to Corcoran to pick the different crops at different times during the year.

What does Mr Lema do that causes Panchito to feel dizzy?

Lema do that causes Panchito to feel dizzy? Mr. Lema asks Panchito to read from an English book. Mr.

When was breaking through by Francisco Jimenez published?

Breaking Through, an autobiography by Francisco Jimenez, is a work of juvenile literature that was published in 2001.

What happens to Francisco and Roberto in breaking through?

Regrettably, he and his brother, Roberto, also experience discrimination and prejudice when they meet the parents of American girls who discourage relationships with Mexicans. As he grows into a young man, Francisco is angered by the social injustice that he witnesses personally and reads about in school.

Which is the best study guide for breaking through?

Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Study Guide of “Breaking Through” by Francisco Jiménez. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

How old is the author of breaking through?

The story commences with a description of the then 4-year-old author, his parents, and his older brother digging under a barbed wire fence at the border crossing between the United States and Mexico.