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What happened at Warrenpoint?

What happened at Warrenpoint?

The IRA’s South Armagh Brigade ambushed a British Army convoy with two large roadside bombs at Narrow Water Castle outside Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland. Eighteen British soldiers were killed and over twenty were seriously injured, making it the deadliest attack on the British Army during the Troubles.

Is Warrenpoint Catholic or Protestant?

The 2011 census recorded the religious breakdown of the population of Warrenpoint and Burren as follows: Catholic 87.7% Protestant 9.6%

Who was killed at Narrow Water?

One, who was left for dead, survived with severe injuries. The three IRA men who died at Kilmichael were Jim O’Sullivan, Mike McCarthy and 16-year-old Patrick Deasy.

When was the Warrenpoint massacre?

August 27, 1979
Warrenpoint ambush/Start dates
The Warrenpoint ambush, also known as the Narrow Water ambush, the Warrenpoint massacre or the Narrow Water massacre, was a guerrilla attack by the Provisional Irish Republican Army on 27 August 1979.

Who died at Warren Point?

Michael Hudson was killed by Army gunfire. The deaths of Lord Mountbatten and the 18 British soldiers were followed by a series of killings of Catholic civilians by Loyalist paramilitaries.

How many died at Warren Point?

eighteen British soldiers
On the night of the 27 August 1979 two roadside bombs planted by the IRA at Warrenpoint killed eighteen British soldiers.

Is Rostrevor Catholic or Protestant?

48.68% of the population were male and 51.32% were female; and. 88.96% were from a Catholic community background and 7.75% were from a ‘Protestant and Other Christian (including Christian related)’ community background.

Is Rathfriland Catholic or Protestant?

48.24% of the population were male and 51.76% were female. 39.64% were from a Roman Catholic background and 55.41% were from a Protestant background.

How did Warrenpoint get its name?

Warrenpoint (Irish: An Pointe) is a small port town and civil parish in County Down, Northern Ireland. Warrenpoint sprang up within the townland of Ringmackilroy (from Irish Rinn Mhic Giolla Ruaidh ‘McIlroy’s point’), and is locally nicknamed “The Point”.

How do you climb Slieve Martin?

Walk up Slieve Martin Route Description

  1. From the entrance to Kilbroney Park, take the narrow road signed Forest Drive.
  2. At a junction of paths about 200m further, take the narrow offshoot to the left.
  3. The route to the summit is direct and clear – just follow the path as it makes its way upwards.

What is the population of Rostrevor?

7,743 people
People — demographics & education In the 2016 Census, there were 7,743 people in Rostrevor (State Suburbs). Of these 49.1% were male and 50.9% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 0.3% of the population. The median age of people in Rostrevor (State Suburbs) was 43 years.