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What happened at the end of Gossip Girl?

What happened at the end of Gossip Girl?

“New York, I Love You XOXO” is the series finale of Gossip Girl. In this final episode, the death of Bart Bass rushes Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) to marry Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and the identity of Gossip Girl is revealed.

What do they say at the end of Gossip Girl?

Although Dan declared that Gossip Girl was dead, it’s pretty much known that the entity never will die: “You may be rid of Dan Humphrey, but you’ll never be rid of me. There’s always someone on the outside. … Who am I now? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.” So, who’s next?

Who does Rufus Humphrey end up with at the end?

Shocked, they flee the wedding to track him down. They find him at the bus back to Boston and the three share a hug. Lily and Rufus end up marrying that night at the loft (Rufus Getting Married).

What happened to Jenny Humphrey at the end of Gossip Girl?

After Blair finds out, she banishes Jenny from the city, and Jenny goes to live with her mother Alison (Susan Misner). After Season 3, we don’t see much of Jenny, and she was downgraded to a recurring role. What happened to Jenny on Gossip Girl?

Is Rufus Humphrey rich?

Yes, the Humphreys were not poor — Daniel aka Dan, Rufus, and little Jenny — are not a definition of poverty. The Humphreys only lived in Brooklyn. Rufus was a former band member; A Rockstar and he owned his own successful art gallery that was selling quite good.

Who married Jenny Humphrey?

However, Blair is unsatisfied with the way she is running things and steps in. After this, Jenny begins to take her new role more seriously and becomes much like the way Blair was. In Rufus Getting Married Rufus and Lily officially wed and Jenny becomes a part of the VDW family.

Did Nate and Jenny dating in real life?

Though Taylor Momsen and Chace Crawford — who played short-lived couple Jenny Humphrey and Nate Archibald — never officially dated (as far as fans know, anyway), the two reportedly hooked up back in December 2008.

Does Nate cheat on Serena?

Television Series. In the television adaptation, Serena is the reason Nate and Blair break up; Serena and Nate slept together at the Sheppard wedding during their sophomore year before the start of Season 1 as juniors. They finally get together in Season 3, but in the season finale, they break up for good.

Why did Nate and Vanessa break up?

He brings along Vanessa and Dan Humphrey, and they meet his family. In Remains of the J, Nate breaks up with Vanessa due to him feeling things have come to a natural end. Thinking he dumped her for Blair, she teams up with Chuck Bass to get revenge.

Who is the richest person in Gossip Girl reboot?

Gossip Girl Reboot: 7 Wealthiest Characters

  • 7 Audrey Hope.
  • 6 Luna La.
  • 5 Akeno “Aki” Menzies.
  • 4 Julien Calloway.
  • 3 Monet de Haan.
  • 2 Max Wolfe.
  • 1 Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV.

When did the last season of Gossip Girl end?

Gossip Girl Ending: How Things Wrapped Up For Each Main Character. The ending of Gossip Girl happened nearly a decade ago in 2012. After six seasons, fans said goodbye to Dan, Serena, Chuck, Blair, and Nate. The final farewell was more than 100 episodes and many romantic interludes in the making.

What happens in the penultimate episode of Gossip Girl?

In the penultimate episode, the two men fought, and eventually, Bart toppled over the side of the building. He managed to hold on long enough to ask Chuck to save him in front of Blair. The pair did nothing, feeling that Bart was a threat that needed to be gone for good. To protect Chuck, his Uncle Jack suggests Blair and Chuck get married.

What was Gossip Girl Like as a teenager?

Teenagers acting like adults, adults acting like teenagers: guarding secrets, spreading gossip, all with the trappings of truly opulent wealth. And membership in this community was so elite you couldn’t even buy your way in.

Is there going to be a Gossip Girl reboot?

In typical television fashion of late, Gossip Girl ending has not marked the final chapter in the franchise. Its legacy is set to continue in the form of a reboot heading to HBO Max. Let the teen drama commence!