What font does the Discovery Channel use?

What font does the Discovery Channel use?

The font is currently used in the Discovery, Inc., Taco Bell and Golf Galaxy logos….Gotham (typeface)

Category Sans-serif
Variations Gotham Rounded, Gotham Condensed, Gotham Narrow, Gotham X-Narrow, Gotham Bold

What is the Discovery Channel logo?

About the first Discovery logo The Discovery channel was launched in 1985. Its first black and white logo featured the world map, with “The Discovery Channel” written in the Gill Sans font. The emblem reflected the company’s ambition to explore new things and share exciting discoveries with the audience.

Why is the discovery Plus logo rainbow?

The candy-colored spectrum stands out from other media brands, appropriate for a diverse offering under discovery+ — Stream what you love. The discovery+ symbol evokes our iconic identity while bringing it into the future for new audiences of millions around the world. David Zaslav, President and CEO, Discovery, Inc.

When did Discovery Channel change their logo?

April 15, 2008
On April 15, 2008, Discovery Channel launched a new logo that replaced the longtime Aurora Bold Condensed font with a modified version of the Gotham font, coupled with the new slogan “The World Is Just Awesome”.

How do I activate Discovery Plus on my TV?

apk accessible through your local storage, head over to your Android TV and launch the File Manager app. Now navigate to the . apk file we just downloaded and launch it. Android will now initiate the installation process for this app and once completed, Discovery Plus will be installed on your Android TV.

How much is Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is available in the U.S. for $4.99 a month. Subs can shell out $6.99 a month for an ad-free version. Not sure if you want to pay for another service? Discovery is offering a free 7-day trial.

What is the difference between discovery and Discovery Plus?

The primary difference between Discovery Plus and Discovery Go is the fact that Discovery Plus is an independent platform that does not require you to have a television subscription. For Discovery Go you have to have a cable or satellite television subscription pack with the Discovery network channels on it.

What channels are under discovery?

Discovery Plus is home to an extensive library of content from 14 networks, including Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Food Network, HGTV, ID, A&E, History, Lifetime, OWN, Travel, Science Network, The Dodo, and more. In total, Discovery says the streaming service offers over 55,000 episodes of content.

What does the Discovery Channel logo look like?

For two decades, starting in 1987, the channel’s logo incorporated the Discovery wordmark rendered in the Aurora Bold Condensed font (the familiar wordmark that would last until the 2008 rebrand) with a circular shape in front of it. The circle usually took the form of a rising sun, or an animated version of the Vitruvian Man .

What kind of font does Discovery Communications use?

Discovery Communications is an American global mass media and entertainment company based in Silver Spring, Maryland. The font used for the logo is Gotham Medium, which is a geometric sans-serif inspired by the form of architectural signage that achieved popularity in the mid-twentieth century throughout New York City.

When did the Discovery Channel change its name?

On September 19, 1995, the channel’s name was simplified to Discovery Channel, dropping “The” from its name. A globe became a permanent part of the logo, and an underline was added to the bottom of the logo.

Is the discovery + streaming service coming to the US?

With the announcement of the Discovery+ streaming service coming to the U.S. just after the start of 2021, there is also the unveiling of a new logo design for the service. According to notes on brand assets released by Discovery, the logo shown here is destined for the U.S. market only.