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What flag is light blue with a white cross?

What flag is light blue with a white cross?

Flag of Greece
national flag consisting of nine horizontal stripes of blue and white with a blue canton bearing a white cross. The flag has a width-to-length ratio of 2 to 3.

What is the flag with the blue cross?

national flag consisting of a red field bearing a large blue cross outlined in white. The flag has a width-to-length ratio of 8 to 11. On February 27, 1814, the crown prince Christian Frederick created the first distinctive Norwegian national flag.

What does the Finnish flag symbolize?

The design of the current Finnish flag was inspired by the flags of Denmark and Sweden. It represents Finland’s heritage link with other countries that are Scandinavian. The blue represents the many lakes found all over Finland. The white represents the snow that covers the entire country during winter.

Why is the Scottish flag a cross?

In 60 AD, Saint Andrew (later known as the Patron Saint of Scotland) was crucified. Legend has it that he felt unworthy of being crucified on a cross similar to one Jesus Christ had died on, so it was arranged he would be crucified on a diagonal cross, also known as a saltire.

Why do Scandinavian flags have crosses?

The Scandinavia cross flag originated as a symbol of Christianity and was used on banners during war. The Kalmar Union, which was the kingdom that united Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, as well as parts of Finland between 1397 – 1523, adopted a flag with a red cross and yellow body.

Is Switzerland a flag?

Flag of Switzerland

Name Swiss
Use National flag
Proportion 1:1
Adopted 1841
Design A square flag with a white cross in the centre and background in red.

Which country’s flag is most beautiful?

Most beautiful flags in the world India Kiribati The flag of Kiribati is red in the upper half with a gold frigate bird flying over a gold rising sun, and the lower half is blue with three horizontal wavy white stripes. The bird of course symbolizes the freedom.