What fish can you keep with arowana?

What fish can you keep with arowana?

Silver Arowana Tank Mates

  • Large catfish.
  • Parrotfish.
  • Jaguar Cichlid.
  • Pacu (if the tank is large enough)
  • Silver Dollar Fish.
  • Large Plecos.
  • Bichir.
  • Green Terror Cichlid.

Why is red arowana illegal?

Protected by the Endangered Species Act, the Asian arowana is nearly depleted from the wild. In 1975, 183 countries signed a treaty classifying it as a rare species and banning the fish from international trade. To this day, it cannot legally be brought into the United States.

How big can a red arowana grow?

One of the main challenges of keeping a red arowana is that the fish can grow to a massive size, sometimes reaching up to 35 inches in length! Side note: this fish has a long lifespan, too, commonly surviving for over 20 years.

Can you keep red tail catfish with arowana?

Red Tail Catfish are Arowana good tankmates you can keep together. We have both silver arowana and red tail catfish in stock.

Can I put Oscar with arowana?

Both oscars and arowana grow very fast. So, typically you can keep them together as juveniles and they will grow at similar rates and remain safe from each other.

Are Red Arowanas illegal?

But arowanas are illegal to purchase in the United States. Arowanas are colorful — they can be red, green or gold or other colors — and grow to lengths of up to three feet. They have short whiskers and large, shiny scales.

How long arowana can live?

(The fish’s average life span is 10 to 15 years; if you want an arowana that will last a little longer, check out this arowana sculpture—made of jade, opal, and marble—selling on eBay for $5.8 million.) That the coveted species is endangered only adds to its intrigue (some people have been arrested for smuggling them).

Can Oscars live with arowana?

Can arowana live in 3 feet tank?

The Silver Arowana is a much sought-after fish, normally the crowning jewel in any collection. They are large and silver-colored and can grow up to 4 feet in the wild, however, when kept in captivity you should expect them to grow to around 3 feet.

What kind of tank mate does an arowana need?

They are only mildly aggressive during feeding time, but they will generally ignore other tank mates. They can be kept with cichlids and semi-aggressive fish since they use their tough scales to ward off any threats. Arowanas thrive in temperatures between 75-83 °F and a pH range of 6.0-7.0.

What makes a good tank mate for a Betta?

Fish that prefer the bottom of your tank, where bettas usually don’t hang out, or those who are active at night. Fish that school or gather in shoals, if your tank is large enough to contain a nice-sized group (10+). If your betta can’t single out a fish to pick on from the group then they usually get along fine in larger tanks.

Do you need heater and filter for Betta fish?

It depends on the type of tank mates you’d like to keep! If you’d just like to add a couple of invertebrates to spice up your small set-up, then you may be able to stick with your existing tank, heater and filter. But if you want to keep a group of females or a male and a variety of community fish you’ll need a much bigger tank.

What should I do if my betta fish is aggressive?

Follow these guidelines when establishing your community tank to minimize aggression between your betta and their tank mates: Always have a hospital or quarantine tank on hand in case you have to remove an injured or overly aggressive fish. Things don’t always work out.