What episode does Martin hurt back?

What episode does Martin hurt back?

Back in Trouble Again
Back in Trouble Again was the second episode of Season 5 of Martin, also the 110th overall episode of the series. Written by Barry Vigon and Tom Walla, the episode was directed by Gerren Keith. It originally aired on the FOX TV network on September 12, 1996.

What happened to Gina Martin?

In 1992, Campbell was cast as Regina “Gina” Waters-Payne in the Fox comedy series Martin. She left the show in April 1997, after settling the lawsuit against Martin Lawrence of sexual harassment. The series was canceled after a single season.

Why did Martin and Gina break up?

In November 1996, Campbell — who played Gina — abruptly left the show amid rumors of tension between her and Lawrence. In January 1997, she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her co-star. There is no merit to the lawsuit, and it will be vigorously defended.” The suit was later settled out of court, per People.

What did Martin buy Pam when he won the lottery?

Answer: A $2000.00 wax job. Martin gave Pam a certificate to get a wax job done that was actually over $2000.000.

How old is actor Martin Lawrence?

56 years (April 16, 1965)
Martin Lawrence/Age

Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence (born April 16, 1965) is an American comedian, actor, producer, writer, and former Golden Gloves boxer. Lawrence came to fame during the 1990s, establishing a Hollywood career as a leading actor. He got his start playing Maurice Warfield in What’s Happening Now!! (1987–1988).

Did Martin really fall in love with Gina?

“When Tisha got engaged to Duane, Martin made things difficult for her on the TV set. Martin and Tisha had an affair, but Martin fell in love and she didn’t. Tisha’s sexual harassment charges against Martin were the only way she could get rid of him.”

Why is Gina not in season 5 of Martin?

The second-biggest name to come out of the Martin cast was Tisha Cambell, who played Martin’s girlfriend Gina. By season 5, Campbell had had enough, and ultimately filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Lawrence, resulting in Gina sitting out much of the season.

Did Martin and Gina ever break up?

Martin and Gina fight over Gina’s unusual Valentine’s Day gift, and the fight escalates out of control until they finally break up. When they try and reconcile, they discover that maybe they are just too different from each other. With Martin and Gina now broken up, they start dating new people.

Who was the guest star on Martin season 5?

With Gina out of town, Martin tries to have a little fun with the guys–until Gina’s mother visits unexpectedly. TONE LOC guest stars as himself. Error: please try again. When Gina misses the departure of a Valentine’s Day cruise, Martin is left alone with Pam, Tommy and Cole until a sexy woman becomes interested in Martin.

Where can I watch full episodes of Martin Lawrence?

Watch full episodes online. Select an episode below or record this series. Stand-up comedian Martin Lawrence drives this irreverent sitcom as a sexist, cocky and wisecracking radio station talk show host. His girlfriend and eventual wife, Gina, puts up with him — although clashes do occur.

Who was Martin’s neighbor in the TV show Martin?

Bruh-Man (Brother Man) (Reginald Ballard) (1993–1997): Martin’s neighbor, who debuts in season two. He lives on the fifth “flo” (yet he always puts 4 fingers up when relating this fact), directly upstairs from Martin.

Who was Stan’s girlfriend in the TV show Martin?

Myra (BeBe Drake-Massey): Stan’s girlfriend; they once double-dated with Martin and Gina (while Martin was on the outs with Cole, Janet, Pam and Tommy). She was a customer of Sheneneh’s hair salon, and went bald after Gina treated her hair. She was last seen in season 3 working as a clerk at the unemployment office.