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What does zinfra do?

What does zinfra do?

Zinfra is a leading service provider to the utility infrastructure, transport, defence and renewable energy sectors. We deliver a comprehensive range of engineering, operations, maintenance and construction services nationally.

Is Zinfra a jemena?

SGSP (Australia) Assets Pty Ltd (SGSPAA) is a subsidiary of State Grid International Development Australia Investment Company Limited and Singapore Power International Pte Ltd. SGSPAA comprises two distinct operating businesses – an assets business, branded as Jemena and a services business, branded as Zinfra.

Who owns Zinfra?

Zinfra is a wholly owned subsidiary of SGSP (Australia) Assets Pty Ltd (“SGSPAA”). Jemena, one of Australia’s largest energy infrastructure companies and part of the SGSPAA Group, owns and manages over $11b worth of assets within local energy distribution and transmission networks.

Is United Energy Australian owned?

A CK Infrastructure-led consortium owns 66 per cent of United Energy with the balance owned by SGSP (Australia) Assets Pty Ltd….Executive Management Team.

Mr Mark Clarke General Manager Electricity Networks – UE
Mr Adam Gellie General Manager Service Delivery

Is jemena listed on the ASX?

On 13 July 2000 legislation was passed by the Parliament of Western Australia for the sale of AlintaGas, which listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on 17 October 2000.

Is Singapore Power a listed company?

AusNet Services is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

Is jemena Australian owned?

SGSP (Australia) Assets Pty Ltd (SGSPAA), trading as Jemena, is an Australian company that owns, manages or operates energy infrastructure assets in the eastern states of Australia including Queensland and New South Wales, and gas pipelines and gas and electricity distribution networks in Victoria and the Northern …

Is AGL owned by China?

AGL. AGL is one of Australia’s oldest companies, promoting itself as ‘Proudly Australian since 1837’. Today, AGL is an ASX listed company, meaning that ownership is mixed among shareholders. Most major shareholders are Australian investment companies.

Is there an Australian owned energy company?

Bright Spark Power is Australian owned and operated, with a local support centre. Bright Spark Power has provided energy services to NSW and SEQLD since 2016 and is based in Sydney. The features of a plan with Bright Spark Power are: Smart meter available.

Who owns the power grid in Singapore?

SP Group
Electricity Operations SP Group owns and operates Singapore’s electricity network, which ranks one of the most reliable among major cities in the world.

How do I terminate SP services?

3 Ways To Terminate Your SP Services Account

  1. Terminate Via The SP Utilities App.
  2. Fill Up The Online Termination Form And Mail it In. You can also email them at [email protected].
  3. Walk into the SP Customer Service Centre.

Who owns Powercor Australia?

Spark Infrastructure
Cheung Kong HoldingsVictoria Power Networks Pty Ltd
Powercor Australia/Parent organizations